Is Indonesia an Easy Language to Learn? Let’s Learn Here!

Perhaps you never ever dream of learning Bahasa Indonesia because there are fancier international languages to learn. Let say French, Spanish, Greece, Japanese, and much more. However, if you are looking for an easy language to learn, Bahasa Indonesia is your best choice.

Compared to other complex pronunciation of English words, mind-blowing Chinese script, Bahasa Indonesia is the language which you do not need to learn symbolic words or choking with tongue-twisted pronunciation. Indeed, your question may be is Indonesia an easy language to learn? Learn Indonesian is easy and we hold you to Learn Basic Indonesian Language with The Experts here.

Origin of the Language

Bahasa Indonesia is not closely related to the English language even if there is some words have the same syntax or imported from English. The closest relative of the language is basically the Austronesian language family. The language is also related to Javanese and Balinese in which both languages are spoken in the country, Tagalog (Philippines), and Malagasy (Madagascar). For the past few years, some Indonesian words are also included in English dictionaries such as sarong, gong, kapok, sago, and much more. So, How to Speak Indonesian Words Fast? Check how easy it is to learn!

How is it easy to learn Indonesian?

is Indonesia an easy language to learn? The level of difficulty when learning languages strongly depends on your native languages. According to people who tried to learn the language from various native language backgrounds, it can be summed up if Bahasa Indonesia is easy to learn due to some reasons.

  1. No grammatical complexities – Bahasa Indonesia does not have complex grammatical rules. This means no verb tenses, no plurals, no conjugation, and no genders. Even if you do not follow the Indonesian tenses for sentence formation, it is still understandable as long as the keywords are in the sentence.
  2. No new alphabet to learn – different from learning Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Thailand, learning Indonesia does not require new alphabet. Bahasa Indonesia uses highly phonetic Latin script. So, there is no need for learning the new alphabet before start to pronounce and read the script in Bahasa Indonesia.
  3. Not a tonal language – for people who are not used to speak in tonal language, hearing Bahasa Indonesia for the first time may seem really odd and direct. The fact is, Bahasa Indonesia is very easy to pronounce and imitate. You read the words in the way you write it.
  4. It is an agglutinate language – also refers as “agglutinative” language, Bahasa Indonesia has lots of suffixes and prefixes. This means some words only need additional affixes to form a completely different meaning. It also possibly changes the number or tense of the word or Indonesian Active and Passive Sentence
  5. Lots of relative languages – Bahasa Indonesia has lots of relative languages to some parts or Asia and Africa such as Sanskrit, Dutch, and Arabic. If you already speak some of those languages, it will be easy to pronounce some of Indonesian words and also sentence formation.
  6. Check out some basic guides for: Indonesian verbs, Indonesian nouns, Indonesian pronouns.

If you frequently visited or wish to visit Indonesia, learning the language is important. As you know that Bahasa Indonesia is easy to learn, there should be no problem for you to master the language.