Indonesian Songs That Help You Learn Bahasa Indonesia Faster and Easier

Welcome back to learn more about Bahasa Indonesia!

Do you like to sing? Beside Indonesian Pantun, you could also learn through song. In fact, through song you could learn about Indonesian Grammar Rules and also advanced vocabulary outside Indonesian Survival Phrases and Common Sentences. Therefore, at this opportunity, we will learn about Indonesian Songs that Help You Learn Bahasa Indonesia. Before we start, take a look of these following articles.

Learn Indonesian Grammar with “Topi Saya Bundar” (My Hat is Round)

Topi saya bundar (My hat is round)

Bundar topi saya (Round is my hat)

Kalau tidak bundar (If it is not round)

Bukan topi saya ([it is] not my hat)

That is a simple song called ‘Topi saya bundar’. With that song you will notice that unlike English, Bahasa Indonesia has no specific possessive pronoun (topi saya – my hat). You could see that the word ‘saya’ is equal to ‘I’ and ‘my’, as well as ‘mine’ and ‘me’.

In addition, if you notice the word ‘tidak’ dan ‘bukan’ are translated to ‘not’. What is the difference? ‘Tidak’ is used as negation to non-nouns (e.g. ‘bundar’ is an adjective translated as ’round’). On the other hans, ‘bukan’ is a negation for noun (e.g. ‘topi saya’ is a noun translated as ‘my hat’)

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Test Your Vocabulary with “Sedang Apa?” (What’s you’re doing?)

It is a quiz song that ask you to continue a word that fit the previous one. Here are the examples.

Sedang apa, sedang apa, sedang apa sekarang
(What are you doing, are you doing right now)

sekarang sedang apa, sedang apa sekarang?
(Now [what] are you doing, are you doing right now?)

sedang makan, sedang makan, sedang makan sekarang
([I] am eating, [I] am eating, [I] am eating right now)

Sekarang makan apa, makan apa sekarang/
(Now what to eat, what to eat right now?]

Makan nasi, makan nasi, makan nasi sekarang
([I am] eat[ing] rice, [I am] eat[ing] rice, [I am] eat[ing] rice right now)

sekarang nasi apa, nasi apa sekarang
(Now what rice, what rice right now?)

The song is started with the word ‘sedang’ (which is an Indonesian Auxiliary Verbs to signify Indonesian Present Tense) and then continue with the proper word (proper part of speech) that should follow the word ‘sedang’ (e.g. because ‘sedang’ is an auxiliary verb, it should be followed by verb [‘makan’, which is ‘eat’]. Then, the word ‘makan’ should be followed by correct part of speech (e.g. ‘nasi’ [rice], which is a noun]). Then, so on.

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Add Some Sophisticated Vocabulary

You could also add many advanced vocabulary through song. As you know, song is similar to poetry. Therefore, you would enrich your vocabulary if you want to sound less monotone and more sophisticated. Do you have a recommendation song from your mother-tongue in your mind? Here is a song called “Sepasang Rusa” (A deer and A Doe) by Tetty Kadi.

Sepasang rusa dilanda asmara
mereka pergi berdua-dua
Menikmati udara berkasih-kasihan
berbahagialah mereka

Akan tetapi datanglah tiba-tiba
seorang pemburu yang mengintai
Dia lalu menembak rusa itu
matilah si rusa betina ha ha

Rusa jantan berlari masuk hutan
kasihan kekasihnya t’lah hilang
akhirnya tak tertahan dia masuk jurang
tamatlah oh riwayatnya

If you look carefully, there are many uncommon word at the song above. Yes, the song used many advanced vocabulary. Here are some list of words to be added to your word palace! Indonesian Songs that Help You Learn Bahasa Indonesia:

  • Rusa = Deer/Doe (same in Bahasa Indonesia)
  • Asmara = love, affection (synonym with ‘cinta’)
  • berdua-dua = going together (consists of two person)
  • menikmati udara = Enjoy the air (enjoy the moment/situation)
  • Berkasih-kasihan = dating, make court to, cuddle (synonym with ‘pacaran’)
  • Pemburu = hunter
  • Mengintai = lurk, spy
  • betina = female (for animals)
  • jantan = male (for animals)
  • kekasih = lover (synonym with ‘pacar’)
  • jurang = chasm
  • tamat(lah) = end/die
  • riwayat = life

If you want to add more sophisticated vocabulary through song, here are several recommended song (beginner to advanced) beside recent popular song.

  • Balonku (beginner)
  • Pelangi (beginner)
  • Naik Delman
  • Lihatlah Lebih Dekat
  • Balon Udara
  • Mobil Balap
  • Koes Plus’s song (e.g. Bukan Lautan hanya Kolam Susu)
  • Chrisye’s song (e.g. Gita Cinta dari SMA)

Okay, that’s a wrap for today lesson. Are ready to search the songs mentioned above? I hope so because they are very easy listening. Furthermore, if you want to enhance your Bahasa Indonesia skill more, here are some of very useful articles for you. Take a look!