How Do You Say Something Like “Get This” in Indonesian

Get this is an English phrase that sometimes we hear in daily conversation, especially in casual daily conversation. This phrases is mostly used by American English speakers.

Read explanation below to know more about how to say get this in Indonesian language.

What Does the Phrase “Get This” Means

Maybe, several of you still don’t know and confused about the meaning of get this. You may be more familiar with the phrase “got it”. So, do “get this” really means “get this” literally?

The phrase get this is usually used by American English speakers to express something surprising to gain the attention of the listener. This is a phrase that has the closest meaning to “guess what”. Because of the popularity of guess what, the phrase get this is not as familiar.

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How to Say Get This in Indonesian Language

Indonesian language in daily conversation has many ways to say guess what or get this.

This words usually used in a casual daily conversation. If you look at the dictionary, you may guess that the dictionary meaning of get this is “dapatkan ini” or “ambil ini”.

However, in Indonesia, we don’t usually say it like that. The word “dapatkan” or “ambil” usually used to express taking something with our hand. As a result, this phrase is difficult if it has to be translated using dictionary.

Below are several phrases used in Indonesian language to express “get this”:

  • Coba tebak (try to guess)
  • Tebak apa (guess what)
  • Tebak deh (guess please)
  • Coba ya (try it)
  • Tebak apa coba (please try to guess)
  • Apa coba tebak (try to guess please)
  • Percaya gak (can’t you believe it)
  • Terus ya (
  • And other combination of related phrases and words

You can use one of the phrases based on what you like and comfortable with. Indonesian people will usually understand the meaning and what do you want if you use those phrases.

Examples of Using “Get This” in Indonesian Daily Conversation

To understand more about this topic, below are several examples of using get this in Indonesian daily conversation. 

  • A: Aku punya kabar gembira. Coba tebak (I have a good news. Get this)

B: Waduh, apa ya (Hmm I have no idea)

A: Sekolah kita dapat juara satu di lomba matematika kemarin (our school won first place in math competition yesterday) 

  • A: Percaya gak. Ali kemarin pindah rumah ke Bandung

A: Can’t you believe it. Get his. Ali moved to Bandung yesterday

  • A: Aku punya kejutan buat kamu. Tebak apa coba. Aku bawa oleh-oleh menarik buat kamu dari Eropa

A: I have big surprise for you. Get this. I got you unique souvenirs from Europe

  • A: Kamu coba tebak deh. Aku kemarin hampir menabrak mobil lain!

A: Get this. Yesterday I almost hit another car!

  • A: Kemarin aku pergi ke mal. Terus ya, masa aku lihat artis terkenal itu.

A: Yesterday I went to the mall. And, then, I saw a popular actor!!

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That is all about the answer and explanation to the question how do you say something like “get this” in Indonesian. I hope the information above will be helpful for all of the readers. Thank you for reading.