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How to Say Great in Indonesian – Vocabulary – Examples

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Hi there! Do you like to be praised?


of course everyone likes to be praised. And of course everyone already knows various kinds of words of praise. However, even with the same meaning, but each country has different pronunciation methods.

In English, the word praise often uses the word “great” which in Indonesian has several meanings, such as “hebat / great”, “keren / cool”, “luar biasa / extraordinary / amazing” etc.

Great: Hebat

You can see the following example below :

  • Kamu keren sekali tadi!
  • (You were so cool!)
  • Kamu hebat! Bagaimana caranya?
  • (You are great! How to do it?)
  • Karyamu sungguh luar biasa!
  • (Your work is truly amazing!)
  • Kamu bisa menyainginya, hebat!
  • (You can compete with it, great!)
  • Dia sungguh sangat keren.
  • (He’s really cool.)

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To express praise in Indonesian there is no difference between formal and informal languages, also there are no rules in pronouncing it. In addition to praise, the word “great” can also be used in expressing admiration. For example:

  • Barang antik sangat keren.
  • (Antiques are really cool.)
  • Kemeja itu luar biasa indah.
  • (The shirt is amazingly beautiful.)
  • Lukisan itu memiliki makna yang keren.
  • (The painting has a cool meaning.)

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Those were some phrase how to say great in Indonesian. Hopefully, this article easy to understand and provide useful knowledge of learning Indonesian. See you!

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