Discovering How to Be Polite in Bali – What to Say and Not to Say

Indonesia is famous by its cultures and rules in different provinces it has. The cultures or rules in different provinces must give different perspectives and practice when people decide to visit this country.

As the tourist, it is better to follow or practice the cultures procession and rules which are applied in the provinces or among the locals. One of the famous provinces in Indonesia to be visited by foreigners or visitors with its beautiful cultures and polite rules is Bali.

Bali is one of the famous provinces to be visited by visitor or foreigners from all around the world. Bali, as the provinces with the biggest Hindi followers or adherents, has some rules and cultures procession to be obeyed and followed.

As the visitors or comers, it is better to obey the rules and habit which Balinese apply in their daily activities or their special occasions. The rules or habit to be followed by visitors is to make them polite in the new places. Therefore, how to be polite in Bali for the new visitors or new comers?


  1. Greeting and asking permission

People in Indonesia, especially in Bali loves to greet people. They usually ask about some personal things like where the visitors want to go and the questions like what the visitors want to do for the days.

It is also better for the new visitors to greet the locals and asks permission like “Permisi” (excuse me), and greeting like “Selamat pagi, mau kemana Bapak/Ibu/Mas/Mbak?” (Good morning, where are you going, Ms. or Mr.?)

Asking permission is very important among locals in Bali. It is like, you come to the new place and you have to report yourself and to be known by others there. Asking permission is one of polite activities in Bali. It means that the visitors or the new comers respect the locals and habits there.

  1. Respect the rituals and religion procession

As it is said before, Bali becomes the biggest Hindi follower or adherents, Balinese has some celebrations, rituals, and religion processions. It is better for the new comers discovers and join them. As the new comers, it is also better to follow the rules when they are involving themselves into the rituals, celebrations or religion processions.

The new visitors is asked to wear the polite dress such as sarong and temple scarf for men or Kebaya for women. It is important to dress properly. The visitor may asked other rules to be followed and obey to the locals so that the visitors are able to respect and obey the right rules.

One of the important celebration or day in Bali is Nyepi. It is very important for the new people to respect this day because this day demand people, who is not Hindi or Balinese who celebrate Nyepi day, to stay at their places and do the activities there. People are asked to stay quiet and not to bother the locals who celebrate the day. 

  1. Respect the habits and the cultures’ rules

Other habits and cultures’ rules are using the right hand while giving something, don’t touch someone’s head because someone’s head in Bali is respected and valued, and use the mother finger to show or point to some things. These rules are the most important rules when people decides to visit Bali.

Other important rules is not bringing the drugs and obey the safety check. Bali has the bad experiences in terrorism and drug matters. People and securities in Bali has double check for the people who visit this province. Therefore, please do not surprise if the new visitors will get little intense check for the safety of Bali and Balinese.

There are some other rules and make the new visitors or people are polite there. The rules also depend on the region in Bali. It is better to be polite in everywhere, other than in Bali. Any other rules on how to be polite in Bali when you visit there?