What Language Do They Speak in Bali? Beautiful Culture and Tradition

Language is one of someone’s or people’s tools to communicate to each other. Language is discovered in all parts of the region in the world. There are lots of languages, even for one country who has many provinces, each provinces must have their own languages. One of the countries who has many provinces is Indonesia.

Indonesia has many islands and provinces inside the country and make this country has one official language named Indonesian language. As this country has 34 provinces for the exact amount, the country is famous by one province named Bali province. Bali is the most famous province to be visited by foreigners or visitors.

Then, talking about language in a province, what language do they speak in Bali?


  1. Balinese, Bali language

Indeed, as the province named Bali, the people of Bali speak or use Balinese or Bali language for communicating to each other. People of Bali or Balinese speak Bali language among the locals, and it sometimes for them to teach to a new comer. Bali language is spoken in all region of Bali provinces regardless their races, religions, or where they come from.

As people know that Bali is the biggest Hindi Adherents in Indonesia, however, the province also has other religions and races who live there. They also speak Balinese or their original languages because some of the people come from other provinces or regions. Balinese is also taught and learnt at school in Bali, because all around Indonesia must apply the lesson of the province language in each schools in certain provinces.

  1. Indonesian Language, Bahasa Indonesia

As the official language of Indonesia, Bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian language is also spoken and used in Bali. This language is usually used when Bali people and other people from other provinces or regions meet together. In order to avoid miscommunication or misunderstanding, people decide to use Indonesian language to communicate.

Indonesian language is also learnt at school in each provinces and indeed in Bali. Indonesian language also unite to all different Bali language from different regions. The new visitors or foreigners who visit Bali also speak or use this language to communicate. They usually use simple phrases such as, ‘Selamat Pagi/Malam/Siang/Sore’ or ‘Terima kasih’ to greet and respect other people in Bali.

  1. English

As Bali is the province which has lots of visitors and foreigners every month and year, English becomes the first language to be used or spoken by them. Bali people also learn English at school or learn from the course or foundation in order to get the ability of speaking English.

This language is also important for the travel or accommodation marketers in Bali because people who involve themselves in this industry must have the ability of speaking English.

Nowadays, the English is not only used or learnt by Bali people, but also all Indonesian people. This could be the third language after they speak with Indonesian and their province language. Bali people must have the ability in all English skills in order to greet and speak to the new foreigners or visitors.

  1. Other provinces’ languages

Bali is also visited by other people from other provinces. Because of the other visitors, Bali is also the place for communicating other provinces’ languages. The language like Java, East Nusa Tenggara, and West Nusa Tenggara are also used because Bali is between those provinces.

The people may not use the language to Bali people, but they speak often to their families or the people who gather at the same group in Bali.

  1. Other countries languages

Other than English, the visitors or the new comers also speak the language from their origin countries. The languages such as Chinese, Indian, and Japanese are often used and spoken because the most foreign visitors come from China, India, Japan and Australia. The Australian speak English. The visitors from other countries of Indonesia must use their own origin languages to speak among them.

Those are the languages of what language do they speak in Bali topic. There are still other languages to be spoken in Bali. Bali language also apply the accent or slang or terms in their different region because they have different cultures as well. So, have you visited Bali? What language do you speak in Bali?