How to Count in Indonesian – Learn Numbers in Bahasa

Hello there, we hope you alright today. So, now we will learn something that important in our daily life. Yeah, it is counting. Well, how to count in Indonesian? In previous lessons, you learned about numbers in Javanese with vocabulary and the example. Today, we will give you a lesson how to count in Indonesian with easy way. Let’s checked these single number.

Lists of the single number 

  • Satu = One
  • Dua = Two
  • Tiga = Three
  • Empat = Four
  • Lima = Five
  • Enam = Six
  • Tujuh = Seven
  • Delapan = Eight
  • Sembilan = Nine
  • Sepuluh = Ten
  • For more: List of Indonesian Numbers

The above are lists of the single number one until ten in Indonesian. So, how to use the single number in a sentence? We can use this single number with our last lesson about the list of subjects of Indonesian. Below here are the following examples.

Here are the examples of the single number 

  • Rudi membeli lima telur di pasar. (Rudi buys five eggs in the market)
  • Saya sedang menggoreng enam potong ayam. (I am frying six pieces of chicken)
  • Sebuah permen itu dimakan oleh adik perempuanku. (A candy has been eaten by my younger sister)
  • Ada sepuluh pemain yang cedera di tim biru. (There are ten players injured in the blue team)

Well, we will explain one by one of the above examples. The first is Rudi membeli lima telur di pasar. In here it is clear that Rudi buys five eggs in the market. Next, saya sedang menggoreng enam potong ayam this sentence is clear as the previous that enam potong ayam it means six pieces of chicken.

Besides this example is different among others, Sebuah permen itu dimakan oleh adik perempuanku. Sebuah in Bahasa Indonesia it also means satu buah. It means that the candy is only one, no more, no less. Finally, Ada sepuluh pemain yang cedera di tim biru. Sepuluh in English it means ten, the word of sepuluh it is used to explain the amount in the form of tens or dozens. For more: Indonesian Words for Numbers from 0 to 100 Trillion.

Lists of the teens

  • Sebelas = Eleven
  • Dua belas = Twelve
  • Tiga Belas = Thirteen
  • Empat Belas = Fourteen
  • Lima Belas = Fifteen
  • Enam Belas = Sixteen
  • Tujuh Belas = Seventeen
  • Delapan Belas = Eighteen
  • Sembilan Belas = Nineteen
  • Dua puluh = Twenty

Now, the explanation the word of belas means teen in English. Then the word of puluh means the particle of “ty” behind the number in English such as twenty, thirty, sixty even ninety. Are you understand with these? Let’s continue. The above of lists, eleven means sebelas in Bahasa Indonesia. The previous, we just explain that the word of se in sebelas it means one. How to say twenty-one until one hundred even one thousand in Bahasa Indonesia? You could see the followings below here. 

Lists up twenty until one thousand in Bahasa Indonesia

  • Dua puluh satu = twenty one
  • Dua puluh dua = twenty two
  • Dua puluh tiga = twenty three
  • Dua puluh empat = twenty four
  • Dua puluh lima =  twenty five
  • Dua puluh enam = twenty six
  • Dua puluh tujuh = twenty seven
  • Dua puluh delapan = twenty eight
  • Dua puluh sembilan = twenty nine
  • Tiga Puluh = thirty
  • Sembilan puluh sembilan = ninety-nine
  • Seratus = one hundred
  • Seribu one thousand

Please watch it carefully, the word of puluh is used be a space between dua and satu. While you want to say twenty-one in Bahasa Indonesia. So, you should say dua puluh satu. It is also permissible if you want to say seventy-eight in Bahasa Indonesia.

To say seventy-eight in Indonesian you can say tujuh puluh delapan. However, how to say one hundred and five and one hundred sixteen in Indonesian? For more: How to Say Indonesian Numbers 1-1000 Fast and Easy. 

It is easy, you just say seratus lima (one hundred and five) and seratus enam belas for one hundred sixteen. We will give tips on how to remember it easily, to say up to twenty you should remember puluh, it will be dua puluh. You just add the word dua and puluh.

For hundred, you just remember ratus in Bahasa Indonesia, the example is two hundred. It will be dua ratus in Bahasa. Next, for a thousand you want to say two thousand, in Bahasa Indonesia, it will be dua ribu, The word ribu means thousand. How to say one million in Bahasa Indonesia? You can say sejuta or satu juta.

Here are the examples of multi-number in a sentence

  • Ayahku membeli kursi seharga satu juta lima ratus lima puluh ribu rupiah. (My father buys a chair with one million and five hundred and fifty thousand rupiahs.)
  • Dia membawa dua puluh tas plastik. (She carries twenty plastic bags )
  • Ada lebih dari tiga ratus jiwa yang selamat karena bencana tsunami. (There are more than three hundred people who survived from the tsunami)
  • Di dalam area stadion ada lebih dari dua juta tiga ratus sembilan puluh sembilan kursi. (Inside the stadium area there are more than two million three hundred and ninety-nine seats)

So, how to count in Indonesia? Is it easy right? Keep practicing more and more with your friends. Hopefully, the above lesson of how to count in Indonesian could be useful for us. Never give up to learn, alright? Keep your spirit and good luck.