What is Ngabuburit in Indonesian? Here’s The Examples

Indonesia is famous not only for its rich cultures but also its different religion. Other than four religion in Indonesia, one of the biggest religion community is Muslim community.

As the biggest Muslim community country, Muslims in Indonesia must commit Ramadan Month. Ramadan is the month which all the Muslims do one-month fasting with some worshiping activities to do. One of the obligate activities is fast-breaking after having the fast in a day.

Fast-breaking is an activity which breaking the fast for drinking and eating food after getting fast in a day. It is quite long to wait fast-breaking for people of Indonesia who undergo the fast for 14-15 hours. Therefore, there is a famous activity to wait fast-breaking or iftar which is called as ngabuburit. Then, what is ngabuburit?

The meaning of Ngabuburit

The exact meaning of ngabuburit comes from Sundanese. Sundanese people make the term of ngabuburit and it is shorted from the sentence ngalantung ngadagoan burit. The meaning of the abbreviation of ngabuburit is people are waiting and chilling before sunset time.

By the time, the word ngabuburit becomes the national word of waiting time before iftar or fast-breaking.

Ngalantung ngadagoan burit (Ngabuburit): waiting and chilling before sunset time. (Verb)

For foreigner, when applying the word ngabuburit, it can be said in the real word. For instance it can be said as ngabuburit or it may be said for its meaning of spending time before fast-breaking or iftar.

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The activities of Ngabuburit

Ngabuburit is famous during Ramadan. After knowing the meaning of what is ngabuburit, it has been also spent by some activities. Lots of people will gather at the park, at side of the street or in the mosque to spend their time for ngabuburit.

Ngabuburit is not only chilling time to wait for fast-breaking or iftar, but also doing some useful things, such as worshipping, reading Al-Quran and/or attending the Islamic study in the mosque.

In fact, the first activity when people heard about ngabuburit was spending time in the mosque or boarding school to do some obligate or sunnah in Islam.

Some people, especially motherhood would like to spend their time for ngabuburit in preparing meal or food for their family before iftar.

Some also people like to spend ngabuburit time for doing some exercises or sports because the good time for doing sport in Ramadan is in the afternoon. It is allowed to do some exercises or sport in the morning in Ramadan but it is not recommended because it will reduce the body energy. 

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Expressions and sentences using Ngabuburit word

  1. Ngabuburit yuk! = Let’s do some activities before iftar! / Let’s ngabuburit!
  2. Hanna sedang ngabuburit di Masjid dengan membaca Al-Quran = Hanna is spending before iftar by reading Al-Quran
  3. Ibu saya melakukan ngabuburit dengan memasak kolak = My mother is doing ngabuburit by cooking compote
  4. Saya dengan teman-teman ngabuburit di taman dekat rumah = I and my friends spending time before iftar at the nearest park
  5. A: Apa yang sedang kamu lakukan? = What are you doing?

B: Saya ngabuburit sambil berolahraga = I am doing ngabuburit and exercising

That is all the explanations of what is ngabuburit. Do you want to visit Indonesia soon and feel the atmosphere of ngabuburit here? You had better try to do ngabuburit in Indonesia because it has so much good energy and fun.

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