How to Say Happy Easter in Indonesian – Wishes – Example

Easter or Pascha is celebrated every the first Sunday after the ecclesiastical full moon. It usually celebrated around April. People around the world have their own ways to celebrate Easter.

Usually, if in the country there are many Christian people, Easter day is celebrated as a public holiday. In Indonesia, because Easter is always celebrated on Sunday, even without Easter it will still a holiday or weekend. However, Easter is still considered as a national holiday.

In this article, we will discuss about how Indonesian people usually say “happy Easter”.

Happy Easter Meaning in Indonesian

In Indonesia, the majority of the population is Moslem. However, there are also many Christian people. Almost around ten percent of the population celebrate Easter every year. There are many debate in Indonesia in whether Moslem people should people say “happy Easter” or not. Not a few of them really say happy Easter.

If we translate happy Easter per word, it will be:

Happy : selamat

Easter : paskah

So, people in Indonesia can say happy Easter as “selamat paskah”. Or, more formally Indonesian people can say “Selamat Hari Raya Paskah” (Happy national holiday of Easter).

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Celebrating Easter in Indonesia

As Easter is always celebrated every Sunday, several people in Indonesia are also celebrate Easter. Most of public places such as malls, parks, playgrounds, and several school will decorate their buildings in the theme of Easter.

Usually, the decorations use Easter eggs as the main ornament. The fake eggs will be decorated uniquely and displayed in several places.

Visiting the church together with family is the common tradition even around the world. There are also many unique ways to celebrate Easter in Indonesia. The celebration usually different in several area. For example in Central Kalimantan there is “Memento Mori”. People will gather with the family and visit the cemetery of the deceased family member.

In East Flores, there is a tradition called Semana Santa. People will lit candles along the road that will be used for the festival. The main event is when they parade and bring the statue of Tuan Ana and Tuan ‘Ma.

There are many other unique ways of celebrating Easter in Indonesia. Usually, the celebration involves gathering with big family, visiting the cemetery of the deceased family member, and joining the festival.  

Indonesian Sentences to Express Happy Easter

If you want to say more meaningful and long sentences to express happy Easter in Indonesian, you can google it and found it easily. Here, I will provide you several common sentences that Indonesian people say to express happy Easter as quoted from

  • Selamat Paskah! Semoga di pagi hari ini, Anda dan keluarga selalu diberi sukacita, penuh dengan kasih dan banyak telur lezat Paskah.

Happy Easter! Hopefully this morning, you and your family will always be given joy, love, and lots of delicious Easter eggs.

  • Kristus menunjukan kepada kita kasih tak berujung-Nya dengan memberikan nyawa-Nya untuk menebus dosa-dosa kita.

Christ showed us His endless love by giving His life to atone for our sins.

  • Selamat memperingati Paskah dengan hati yang penuh sukacita, Selamat Paskah. God Bless You!

Congratulations on celebrating Easter with a joyful heart, Happy Easter. God Bless You!

That’s the explanation on how to say Happy Easter in Indonesian. I hope the information will be helpful. Thank you for reading.