Babi Meaning in Indonesia – Vocabulary – Curse Word

As in many languages, a word that refers to the name of animals can have multiple meanings. It can refer to the animal itself, or it can be used as a swearing or mocking word to somebody.

So now, we are going to learn another Indonesian word that has multiple meanings according to the context of the conversation. This word is similar to the word ‘Anjing’, that has been explained in this discussion.

Babi’, in Bahasa Indonesia, refers to an omnivorous domesticated animal, pig. ‘Babi’, besides referring to an animal, can also be used as a swear word in Bahasa Indonesia. Similar to the word ‘anjing’, the word ‘babi’ that is used in a dispute situation or conversation in Bahasa Indonesia, it refers as a mock word between interlocutors.

Of course the use of the word ‘babi’ as a swearing word happens in informal conversation or as a slang word. To give you a better insight about the meaning and how to use the word ‘babi’ in Bahasa Indonesia, we will explain it in different parts.

The Meanings of ‘Babi’

As we have stated previously, the word ‘babi’ has multiple meanings based on the context or situation of the conversation.

Normally, in an informative or descriptive conversation or discourses, the word ‘babi’ refers to the name of animal. In English, ‘babi’ can be directly translated into the word pig with no particular different, distinctive meaning.

While in some different conditions, the word ‘babi’ can be used as a swearing words to show anger or any displeasing feeling. The equivalent of the word ‘babi’ as a swearing word in English is the harsh word like, scum, bitch, or even the word pig itself in negative connotation.

The use of the swearing word ‘babi’  is not as often as the word ‘anjing’. This is due to the reason that the word ‘anjing’ is more universal to be used as a swearing word, while ‘babi’ needs particular situation that depicting the trait of the animal, pig, such as dirty and gluttony.

The Pronunciation

The word ‘babi’ is pronounced as /buh-bee/. The pronunciation of the word ‘babi’, has no particular differences when used as a referring to animal or swearing word.

The only thing that can show the word is used as a swearing word is the higher tone when spoken. As in pronouncing any swearing words, higher tone is used to emphasize the harsh or negative connotation of the word.

Examples in Using ‘Babi’ in Bahasa Indonesia

To give you a better insight about how to use the word ‘babi’ in Bahasa Indonesia, we provide you with some examples. The examples we are going to give are the ones used in formal and informal situation. The English translation is written directly after the examples.

  • Formal Use, Referring to the Animal

I: Babi adalah hewan pemakan segala yang dikenal jorok dan rakus.

E: Pig is an omnivorous animal that is known for being filthy and gluttonous.

The context of the example above is in a formal education or in school to explain about the trait of the animal,‘babi’ or pig. There is no other connotation of the word beside it refers to animal.

  • Informal Use as Swearing Word

I:  Dasar babi, makanan gue lu makan.

E: You filthy pig, you just ate my snacks.

In the example above, the speaker is expressing his/her anger to somebody for eating his/her food without their concern. In this context, the word ‘babi’ is used as a swearing word.


To recall about ‘babi’ meaning in Indonesia, there are multiple meanings of this word. It can be used in formal way to refer to the animal, pig, or it can be used as a swearing word to express anger or dissatisfaction. The pronunciation is /buh-bee/ with normal tone when used in formal way, but has higher tone when used as a swearing word.