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How to Say I am 13 Years Old in Indonesian – Conversation

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I hope you become more interested in learning Bahasa Indonesia with us J

In this article we’re gonna give you  a number of examples of how to say “ I am 13 years old” in Indonesian.

Usia (u.sia) means age. You can also use umur (u.mur). However, there is a different when you use prefix “ber”  in usia and umur.  Berumur can be translated into showing certain age, also can be used to show someone is an adult, or above 40 years old.

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  1. Gadis itu berusia 13 tahun. (That girl is 13 years old.)
  2. Wawan berumur 25 tahun. ( Wawan is 25 years old.)
  3. Dia sudah berumur tapi tingkahnya seperti anak kecil. (He is an adult but his behavior is like a child.)

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Here is an example when someone is introducing himself/herself in formal situation.

How to Say I am 13 Years Old in Indonesian?

I am 13 years old

  • saya berusia 13 tahun
  • umur saya 13 tahun
  • aku 13 tahun

Selamat pagi semuanya , nama saya Tyas, saya berasal dari Cirebon, Jawa Barat. Saya lahir tanggal 10 Januari 2006. Saat ini saya berusia 13 tahun.  Saya tinggal di Jalan Cendrawasih no 56. (Good morning all, I am Tyas. I come from Cirebon, West Java. I was born on August 25 2005. I am now 13 years old. I live at Jalan Cendrawasih number 56.)

In informal conversation, we usually use the word aku or kamu because we and our interlocutor(s) are at the same or a little age-gap.

  • Nana: Myrtha, kapan kamu ulang tahun? (Myrtha, when is your birthday?)
  • Myrtha: 11 September ( on September 11th)
  • Nana: Wah masih lama ya. Umurmu berapa? ( It’s still a long time then. How old are you?)
  • Mytha: Coba tebak (Try to guess)
  • Nana: Hmm 14 tahun? (14 years old?)
  • Myrtha: Salah, aku 13 tahun. (False, I am 13 years old.)
  • Wah, bahasa Indonesiamu bagus banget, kamu belajar dari umur berapa? (Wow, your Indonesian skill is very awesome, how long have you been learning it?)

Aku belajar dari usia 8 tahun, sekarang aku 13.  Aku juga banyak belajar banyak bahasa informal. Selain belajar bahasa Indonesia, aku juga belajar bahasa Jepang dan Perancis. (I’ve been learning it from 8 years old, now I am 13. Also learn a lot about Indonesian informal language. Besides Indonesian, I learn Japanese and French languages.) 

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Wah, hebat banget ya. Masih 13 tahun tapi kamu bisa ngomong dalam beberapa bahasa. (Wow, that’s great. You are still 13 years old but you can speak in several languages.)

Kamu dari mana asalnya?  (Where are you from?)

Saya dari Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. (I am from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Kapan kamu pindah ke Indonesia?  (When did you move to Indonesia?)

Sekitar 1 tahun lalu. Saya pernah  mengunjungi Indonesia ketika berusia 5 tahun. Waktu itu saya mengunjungi Paman saya, yang rumahnya ada di Semarang, Jawa Tengah. Sekarang saya berusia 13 tahun, menetap dan sekolah di sini. (About a year ago. I’ve visited Indonesia once when I was 5 years old. At that time I visited my uncle, whose house was in Semarang, Central Java. Now I am 13 years old, stay and study here.)

Oh begitu. Kamu tinggal dengan siapa di sini? (I see. With whom do you live here?)

Saya tinggal dengan Ibu saya. (I stay with my mother.)

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Those are some samples that you can learn to enhance you Bahasa Indonesia. Thank  you  and have a good day.

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