How to Say “Really” in Indonesian – Clear Examples

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The word Really can be translated into several meanings in Indonesian.

how to say Really in Indonesian?


  • Sangat (formal)
  • Sungguh (formal)
  • Benar-benar
  • Amat (Informal)
  • Really? Beneran? (Informal)

Amat (a.mat). Amat is one of formal words used to describe really.

Lalu lintas di Jakarta amat padat dan tidak teratur. Akibatnya,  selalu ada kemacetan di mana – mana. (Jakarta’s traffic is really crowded and disorganized. As a result, there is always traffic jam everywhere.)

Here are other formal languages to be used in written or spoken.

  • Sangat (sa.ngat). Saya sangat berterima kasih karena diberi kesempatan untuk belajar di sini lebih lama. (I’m really thankful for the opportunity given to me, to study longer here.)

You can use the words “benar – benar” to show your extra feeling about something, such as happiness, sadness, shock, and many more. This word is similar to “sungguh”.

  • Benar – benar (be.nar – be.nar).  Saya benar – benar tidak menyangka bahwa saya  akan mendapatkan beasiswa belajar bahasa Indonesia di Malang, Jawa Timur. (I really didn’t expect that I will get a scholarship to study Indonesian in Malang, West Java.)
  • sungguh (sung.guh). Saya sungguh terkagum – kagum dengan keramahan dan budaya Indonesia. Saya ingin lebih lama lagi tinggal di negara ini. (I am really amazed by Indonesian’s friendliness and culture; I want to stay longer in this country.)

Not Really: tidak juga (ti.dak

Mawar: Apakah kamu merasa kedingingan? (Are you felling cold?)

Rini: Tidak juga.  (Not really)

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When you talk to someone close to you, informal language of really can be used, just like the following conversation examples. You can even use

  • Yang Benar?” shows that as if don’t believe what your interlocutor(s) has said.
  • Dewi: Tebak tadi aku ketemu siapa di mall. (Guess whom I met at a mall.)
  • Putri: Siapa? Singgih? (Who? Singgih?)
  • Dewi: Bukan, Darmawan? (Nope, Darmawan)
  • Putri: Yang Benar? Aku kira dia lagi kuliah S2 di Yogyakarta?  (Really? I thought he was studying master degree in Yogyakarta.)
  • Beneran?  
  • Arista: Kamu sudah makan siang? (Have you had lunch?)
  • Rendra: Belum, nggak laper. (Not yet, I’m not hungry.)
  • Arista: Beneran? Ini Aku bawa Gado – Gado 2 porsi lho (Really? I’m bringing 2 portion of Gado – Gado)
  • Rendra: Kalo gitu, aku mau (if that’s so, I want one).
  • Banget (ba.nget) is actually in the informal word of sangat.
  • Aku suka banget  makan nasi goreng di restoran itu. (I really like eating fried rice in that restaurant.)

In addition, you can also use the words “nggak juga” as an informal way of “tidak juga”

As you can see, Really word has a lot of meaning if it is translated into Indonesian. Those examples above will help you how to say Really in Indonesian faster. Thank you and have a good day.

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