How to Say Brother in Bahasa Indonesia – Examples – Definition

Hello guys, nice to meet you again here. We are now discussing about how to say Brother in Bahasa Indonesia and we will show you how to use it in formal as well as informal ways. How to Say Brother in Bahasa Indonesia In Indonesian, Brother means saudara laki – laki (sau.da.ra Indonesian […]

How to Say “Really” in Indonesian – Clear Examples

Hello great people, hope you a have great day today. The word Really can be translated into several meanings in Indonesian. how to say Really in Indonesian? Really: Sangat (formal) Sungguh (formal) Benar-benar Amat (Informal) Really? Beneran? (Informal) Amat (a.mat). Amat is one of formal words used to describe really. Lalu lintas di Jakarta amat padat dan tidak […]

How to Say I am 13 Years Old in Indonesian – Conversation

Hello guys, how are you today? I hope you become more interested in learning Bahasa Indonesia with us J In this article we’re gonna give you  a number of examples of how to say “ I am 13 years old” in Indonesian. Usia (u.sia) means age. You can also use umur (u.mur). However, there is […]

How to Say Police in Indonesian – Examples and Conversations

Hello all, I hope you have a good day. Today I would like to show you how to say Police in Indonesian.  We, Indonesians say polisi ( as term for Police. Here are some sentence examples of how to say police in Indonesia Ke mana arah pos polisi yang paling dekat dari sini? (Where is […]

The Meaning of Ibu in Indonesian – Brief Examples

Hi all, how are you doing? In today’s article, we are explaining about the meaning of the word Ibu in Indonesian. Indonesians culture is very aware of how we address someone based on their age, level of closeness, and other aspects. Meaning of Ibu in Indonesian is Mother Here are some illustrations of the use […]

Meaning of Saya in Indonesian – Brief Examples

Hello all, nice to meet you again. The word Saya (sa-ya) is a formal form of Indonesian that has a role as subject pronoun “I”, object pronoun “me”, and possession/belonging “my”. You can also check for  other Indonesian formal pronouns. Here are some examples of the meaning of Saya in Indonesian, as a subject pronoun. […]

How to Say 1-10 in Indonesian (Vocabulary and Pronunciation)

Hello all, hope you have a good day today! Our current discussion is now about number. When learning a certain language, we can start from the easiest vocabulary, number.  Here we will talk about how to say 1-10 in Indonesian.  You can learn the sentence example given below. Satu (1) Rani menghabiskan liburannya di kota […]

What to Order in Indonesian Restaurant – Food and Phrases

Let’s talk about food for now. Who doesn’t fall in love with Indonesian food? Indonesia has lots of unforgettable dishes with their rich flavor and beautiful color that attract your taste bud. Indonesia’s food is influenced by several countries, due to colonialism and migration reasons, such as The Netherlands and Portugal. In addition, Chinese and […]

How to Order Food in Indonesian – Conversation and Examples

Hello my friends, have you had your lunch today? I hope you enjoyed lunch just like I did (well I always enjoy my every meal) Beside water, food is our main need. It gives us energy to do activities throughout the day. In addition, if we need a lot of body activity or concentration, we […]

How to Order Coffee in Indonesian – Examples

Hello good people, I hope you have a great day. Today we are talking about a drink that many people love to have: coffee. However we don’t discuss about its long historical story, or how to grow them, but we talk about how Indonesian order coffee.   Nowadays, many people have coffee as a lifestyle. […]