How to Say Older Brother in Indonesian – Definition – Examples

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The main thing that you should to be highlight when learning Bahasa Indonesia is about etiquette. Actually, Bahasa Indonesia is really serious to manage about etiquette moreover if you had conversation over older people. That’s because all your attitudes represented by your words when you talk with somebody else, and that somebody greatly older than you.

Beside have to control the words to make sure it is polite when we talk with older people, well there is special nickname that usually used by Indonesian to called older people especially older brother.

In Indonesian, older brother translated as ‘kakak’. It is little bit different while English should put some word to make the age clear which is older or younger. Actually, ‘kakak’ in Bahasa Indonesia already means that you are talking with someone older than you.

Older Brother:

  • Abang (for older male)
  • Kakak
  • Mas (Based on Javanese)

Here are some examples to make you understand about how Indonesian usually uses ‘kakak’ in daily conversation.

Here are the examples of ‘kakak’ in sentences

  • Aku sedang di perpustakaan bersama kakak (I am in library with my older brother).
  • Kakak menjemputku di bandara baru saja (My older brother just pick me up from airport)

Actually ‘kakak’ is using for formal occasion. But there is another formal occasion which still using ‘kakak’ but in short. This word is ‘kak’ which is the short of ‘kakak’.

‘Kak’ is using for close older brother without decrease honorability between the younger over the older. Usually, ‘kak’ is also using for greet people. The greeting is usually adjusts when the time you call your receiver. Here are some examples of ‘kak’ that usually uses by Indonesian.

  • Malam, Kak. Aku boleh mengganggu sebentar? (Good evening, brother. Can i take your little time, please?)
  • Pagi, Kak. Ada yang bisa saya bantu? (Good morning, brother. Can i help you?)

In informal occasion, there are so much ways for Indonesian called or say older brother. That’s because literally calling with their own local language will be faster to erase the awkwardness when the younger and the older just met in the first time. 

So it is like an effort to be closer each other. Even using informal occasion and included as slang, basically to this called is as same as to honor older people. Some Indonesian usually uses ‘Mas’ or ‘Bang’.

The word ‘mas’ is pronounce as ‘mask’ and ‘bang’ is pronounce as ‘bang’ as like you say ‘bang’ (hit or punch). Both of ‘mas’ and ‘bang’ also usually use for called the seller. ‘Bang’ is actually the short of ‘Abang’ so both ‘bang’ or ‘abang’ as same as means older brother.

So when you take a break and want decided to buy something, you can use ‘bang’ or ‘mas’ to call the seller. Just make sure that the seller is guy.

Here are the examples of ‘mas’ or ‘bang’ in sentences

  • Bang, saya pesan jus jeruk dua, ya. (Brother, i order two orange juice, please)
  • Bang, saya pesan satenya satu porsi, ya. (Brother, i order a portion of satay, please)
  • Mas, tolong sambalnya di pisah. (Brother, please separate the hot sauce)
  • Mas, tolong jemput saya di kampus. (Brother, please pick me up in the collage)

Older brother in Indonesian literally translated as ‘kakak’. But for your information ‘kakak’ is too universe. It can’t describe the gender directly which is means that it can be used for man and woman. It is easier if you use ‘abang’ if you already met before.

But if it is the forst time for you, you better using ‘kakak’. Actually learning Bahasa Indonesia can easy and fun. Just keep your spirit and don’t hesitate to ask something that you didn’t know.