How to Say Please and Thank You in Indonesian – Definition – Examples

Basically, please and thank you are words that represent manner and etiquette when we communicate with others. Bahasa Indonesia does care about this words and Indonesian using these words commonly.

As we know please and thank you are words which usually use to offer something and thanked something. The function of these word are pretty different but it still related each other.

In Bahasa Indonesia, ‘please’ translated as ‘tolong’ or ‘ku mohon’ and ‘thank you’ translated as ‘terima kasih’.

Basic reasons to say please

  • To offer something
  • To ask something urgent and it is look like begging
  • The ask which really pure and come from heart

And there is no basic ways to say thank you except to thanked people over help or something that they give to us.

In Bahasa Indonesia, ‘please’ has more than one meaning. Beside the means, Indonesian mostly using ‘please’ as direct if they want to ask something.

But still, it doesn’t mean that ‘please’ can’t be translated in Bahasa Indonesia as well. Here are some examples which usually used by Indonesian on conversation.

  • Tolong ambilkan kertas di meja itu (Take the paper on that table, please)
  • Ku mohon… tolong pinjami saya uang. Saya sedang butuh sekali uangnya untuk berobat anak saya. (Please.. Please give me the money. I need the money to take care of my child)
  • Ku mohon, Ya Tuhan. Ku mohon angkat beban di pundaknya. (Please, please dear God. Please lift the problem from his shoulder).

Actually for ‘thank you’, Indonesian only uses it for thanked something. Both ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ literally Indonesian didn’t use it as informal occasion.

The informal occasion usually used the words directly. Honestly Indonesian milenials usually mixed both of Bahasa Indonesia and English. So to make you more clear how Indonesian uses ‘thank you’, here the example.

  • Terima kasih sudah membawakanku makan siang (Thank you for giving me lunch)
  • Terima kasih sudah memberiku kesempatan (Thank you for giving me a chance) 

And here are for you who want to know how Indonesian using ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ for daily slang conversation.

  • Makanannya mana, plis? (Where’s the food, please?)
  • Plis jangan tinggalin aku (Please, don’t leave me)
  • Tengkiyu bro buat kaosnya (Thank you brother for the t-shirt)

Please and thank you in Bahasa Indonesia literally represent our etiquette to communicate each other.

Basically there are so much words that can express our honorability over something but in general, please and thank you does really common uses in our society. So how’s the lesson? Bahasa Indonesia isn’t that difficult, isn’t?

You can learn Bahasa Indonesia as soon as possible, of course. With passion and spirit, and also the good mood learn something will be more effective to do.

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