How to Say Poop in Indonesian – Examples

Hai semuanya, apa kabar? Today, I am going to tell you about one of the common word that is used in Indonesian. This word is funny, and sometimes disgusting to say. It is a “poop” word in Indonesian. “Poop” or “BAB” in Indonesian means excretion from the anal cavity.

There are many ways to say poop in Indonesian, one of the polite one is “BAB” (Buang Air Besar).  Read also Polite Indonesian Phrases to help you know about the polite phrases in Indonesian.

Even though this word is funny or even disgusting for some people in Indonesian, but you don’t need to worry when you have to use it. Here is the further explanation of how to say poop in Indonesian.

How to Pronounce Poop in Indonesian

First things first, you need to know about the pronunciation. There are a lot of “poop words” in Indonesian language. People use those words in their daily conversation (because poop is a daily activity).  I am going to give some words that are commonly used in Indonesia.

  • The first word, BAB (B-A-B).
  • The second one, pup (pronounced the same as “poop” in English).
  • The third one, berak (be-rak)
  • The fourth one, e’ek (e-ek)
  • The last common word, be’ol (be-ol)

Concept of The Poop Word in Indonesian

Now, let us talk about the concept. The concept is important, because it helps you to know about the right time to use the words. The words above can be used anytime in the daily conversation, but there is a different about the right time to use it.

For example, “BAB” and “pup” are the polite words to use when you want to say it in Indonesian. While “berak”, “e’ek”, and “be’ol” are the words that can be used when you are talking with the people close to you.

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If you want to say the words above (or any other poop words), you are going to need about the right time to say it. Do not say it in front of the people that is eating and drinking, because it is impolite.

This can make people fell queasy, and even some people think that it is disgusting to say when they are eating or drinking something. You can say the poop words when the people around you not eating or drinking something. Informal Greeting in Indonesian Language will help you to know more about Indonesian language. 

The Examples of Poop Words in Indonesian

I am going to give you two ways to say the poop words in Indonesian. The polite one, and the impolite one.

The polite way (formal)

  • Maaf, saya ingin BAB. Boleh tahu di mana toilet di sini? – sorry, I want to poop. Can you tell me where is the toilet here?
  • Kak, aku mau pup. Boleh antarkan ke wc? – sister, I want to poop. Can you accompany me to the toilet?
  • Permisi, pak. Saya izin ke belakang (means you want to poop) – excuse me, sir. Can I go to the restroom?

The impolite way (informal)

  • Bang, aku mau berak. – bro, I want to take a dump (poop).
  • Aku sakit perut, kayaknya mau e’ek- I’ve got a stomachache. I think I need to poop.
  • Mas, aku pengen be’ol. – bro, I want to poop.

Ok. That is all for the how to say poop in Indonesian article. I hope this article can enrich your knowledge about Indonesian language. Good bye!