How to Say See You Tomorrow in Indonesian – Definition and Examples

How are you today? Don’t forget to always be enthusiastic and smile.

How are you today? Don’t forget to always be enthusiastic and smile. Today we will learn about one of the important conversations in Indonesian. This is one of the phrases ‘goodbyes’ in Indonesian that seems trivial, but if it is not considered properly it will have a fatal impact.

Usually, see you tomorrow interpreted by ‘sampai bertemu kembali besok’ or ‘sampai jumpa besok’. These words usually indicate that an agenda has ended and will be continued tomorrow. Even though they are parting, it means that they, who are holding a meeting or agenda, will continue the meeting tomorrow. Not to separate forever.

The word ‘see you tomorrow’, although it is often spoken in formal and informal settings. But in terms of the use of the words themselves, most of them always lead to a formal direction. Even from the language side, ‘see you tomorrow’ is a language that is too standard and formal.
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How to say phrases to see you tomorrow in Indonesian

As I explained above, the phrase ‘see you tomorrow’ is one of the delayed farewell phrases that will continue tomorrow with certainty. In the opinion of the author, there are only two ways how we pronounce the sentence “see you tomorrow”, that is:

How to Say See You Tomorrow in Indonesian

The first is, see you tomorrow is pronounced ‘sampai jumpa besok’ (sam-pai jum-pa be-sok)

The second is, see you tomorrow is pronounced ‘Dadah, sampai ketemu besok ya’ (Da-dah, sam-pai ke-te-mu be-sok ya)

Both of these things have the same meaning, namely to meet again tomorrow

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The concept of phrases see you tomorrow in Indonesian

Now it’s time to talk about the concept. You can say ‘see you tomorrow’ at the end of a conversation or meeting that indicates the meeting has ended and continued in the next day. It means that there is certainty that their next meeting will be held again tomorrow to continue the previous meetings.

Phrases to see tomorrow is usually spoken at formal and informal meetings. Even so, the word ‘see you tomorrow’ can only be spoken in the formal language, not in informal language. Because the standard word formation that makes the word can only be pronounced as limited to a formal sentence.

In contrast to other farewell phrases, such as ‘goodbye’ or ‘goodbye’ which can be pronounced informally only by saying ‘dadah’ or ‘bai bai’, see you tomorrow you can only say by saying ‘sampai jumpa besok’ only. You may also read about Friendly Greeting in Indonesian

Examples of phrases to see you tomorrow in Indonesian

Here are some examples of phrases to see you tomorrow in Indonesian

Phrases see you tomorrow informal language

  • Sampai jumpa besok – See you tomorrow
  • Sampai jumpa besok pagi – See you tomorrow morning
  • Sampai jumpa besok, Annie – See you tomorrow, Annie
  • Sampai jumpa besok pada saat operasi – I’ll see you tomorrow for the operation

Phrases see you tomorrow in informal language

  • Da dah, sampai ketemu besok ya – Goodbye, I’ll catch you up tomorrow okay

Those were some phrases to see you tomorrow in Indonesian. Hopefully, this article can provide you with new benefits and knowledge of learning Indonesian. Cheers!