How to Say Indonesia Rupiah – Examples – Pronunciation

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Alright, today we will learn how to speak one of the languages ​​in Indonesia, namely how to expose the Indonesian currency. The pronunciation of the currency may seem simple and trivial, but if we do not pay attention to it in the utterance, it is the same, the consequences can be fatal, even it could be a misunderstanding.

How to Say Indonesia Rupiah

Currency in the country of Indonesia itself is called ‘rupiah’. The Rupiah is a term for currencies in the Indonesian state in most circumstances. But the rupiah is more emphasized in formal circumstances. Formal addition “rupiah” is also the official language of the use of currency names in Indonesia.

Even so, the mention of our currency, in some circumstances, has an informal mention too, but the informal pronunciation, according to the author, would be highly recommended. Even so, there will still be many Indonesians who say it rather than formally speaking it.

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How to Pronounce Indonesian Rupiah

There are a number of ways to actually pronounce our currency properly and formally according to justified spelling. So good and correct pronunciation must be in harmony with the writing of our currency in general. See the example below as follows:

  • Rp.1000,00 is pronounced seribu rupiah (se-ri-bu ru-piah)
  • Rp.10.000,00 is pronounced sepuluh ribu rupiah (se-pu-luh ri-bu ru-piah)
  • Rp.100.000,00 is prononunced seratus ribu rupiah (se-ra-tus ri-bu ru-piah)

Basically, everything is the same, only when zero increases one behind (before the comma) that means there is a difference in the number or nominal number.

If there are three or four zeros, then they are in the thousands category, if there are five zeros, then they are in the category of hundreds, and if there are six then they are in the category of millions and so on up to billions or trillions.

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The value of Indonesian Rupiah

Basically, the form of pronunciation and writing of currencies in Indonesia will be very different from in other countries, for example, in this case, is the United States. This difference will be felt because the nominal difference is too far too with Indonesia itself.

As for example in Indonesia, 1 US $ dollar is equivalent to around 13 thousand rupiahs (Rp. 13,000.00). Imagine the difference that is very far which also determines the different ways of writing and pronunciation, because the currency conversion of each country has a nominal or value that varies from one to the other.

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Example on Indonesian Rupiah Phrases

These are some examples of the pronunciation of Indonesian Rupiah

Formally :

  • Rp.100.000,00 will be pronounced with the word Seratus Ribu Rupiah (Se-ra-tus ri-bu ru-piah)
  • Rp.1.000.000,00 will be pronounced with the word Satu Juta Rupiah (Sa-tu ju-ta ru-piah)
  • Rp.10.000.000,00 will be pronounced with the word Sepuluh Juta Rupiah (Se-pu-luh ju-ta ru-piah)


  • Rp.10.000,00 will be pronounced with the word Ceban (Ce-ban)
  • Rp.50.000,00 will be pronounced with the word Gocap atau Goban (Go-cap atau Go-ban)
  • Rp.100.000,00 will be pronounced with the word Cepek (Ce-pek)

Usually, the mention in an informal manner is due to a mixture of language cultures from the region. But for the three mentions in an informal manner is the mention by Indonesians in general which has become a standard habit.

However, do not be surprised if, there are some areas that have different pronunciations. Once again, each region has its own way of adjusting in saying the currency. That’s about how to say Indonesia Rupiah, hope it helps you learning Bahasa better.