How to Say Shut Up in Indonesian – Phrase – Example

Hello guys! Welcome to Mastering Bahasa, the best way to learn Indonesian Language through online. You can learn Bahasa Indonesia easily here for free. Now I am going to show you how to say shut up in Indonesian. Here is how to get started!

After learning some beautiful words to express our happy feelings of love in the articles how to say i like you in Indonesian and how to say darling in Indonesian, you might want to know how to say shut up in Indonesian to enrich your vocabulary in English.

This phrase is usually to express our feelings if we feel bothered by someone or someone is annoying to you.  For example when some students in the classroom are talking so much with some other students, it can disturb the students who are studying and listening to the teacher’s explanation. So we can use the word shut up to keep them be quite.

In Cambridge dictionary, there are two meanings in the phrase of shut up (phrasal of verb):

  • First, shut up in English means diam- (menyuruh) berhenti bicara in Indonesian/ to (cause) someone to stop speaking. It is used to make other people stop speaking because they speak too much or speak lies and it is bothering you.

   For example : Suruh mereka untuk diam! (Tell them to shut up!)

  • Second, shut up in English can have the meaning of to close/ lock which means menutup in Indonesian.

   For example : Ini waktunya untuk menutup toko. (It’s time to shut up the shop).

Here are the various examples of the phrase shut up in Indonesian with its translation in English and some explanations of them:

Bacot! (Shut up!) – This sentences mean informal and very impolite. This words also includes in Indonesian abusive words which you can check it on other articles in this web.

  • Diam! (Shut up!)
  • Diamlah! (Shut up)
  • Diam kamu!/ Diam kau! (You shut up)
  • Tutup mulutmu! (You shut up)
  • Berhenti Bicara! (Stop talking!)
  • Tolong diam ya! (Please be quite!) – This sentences is more polite thatn the other. For example this sentences can be used from teacher to students in asking them to shut up.
  • Tolong pelankan suaramu! (Please keep your voice down!) – This sentences is the most polite among others.

Be wise to use those words because basically Indonesian people are polite and kind. Be reminded also of the words that is at no point nor nice. So it is best to use the word of ‘diam’ based on the people that you want them to do it.

Congratulations! Now you can know how to say shut up and know the differences meaning of them in Indonesian as well.

That’s all the explanations from me about how to say shut up in Indonesian. I hope this article is useful for you to help you in showing if you feel bothered by someone or someone is annoying to you. Thank you for reading and good luck to you.