30 Indonesian Activities for Students (Teacher’s Lesson Plans)

Indonesian students have many activities at school, all of the lesson are composed to support them being successful in national examination at the end of school year.

Below are activities for students can be prepared based on school level:

Indonesian Activities for Students in Kindergarten/ Early Childhood

When they are on kindegarten, teachers discuss basic knowledge such as numbers, colours and simple shapes.

There are some ideas for teaching kindegarten students.

1. Story Telling

Doing a story telling about manners, greetings or even about caring others. We can use some local puppet characters, for example “Si Unyil”, “Pak Ogah”, “Pak Raden”, “Si Komo”, etc.

Some words are used to introduce about :

  • manners: permisi, maaf, silakan, maafkan, terima kasih.
  • Greetings: Halo, hai, apa kabar, selamat pagi, selamat siang, selamat sore, apa kabarmu?, senang berkenalan denganmu, etc. (Also read: Indonesian Greeting Customs )
  • Caring: Dapatkah aku menolongmu?, apa yang sedang kamu lakukan? Apa perasaanmu hari ini?, senang, sedih, bahagia, takut, marah, etc. Also read: Indonesian Greeting Etiquette and Manners

2. Drawing/coloring

Teachers give explanation about colours:

3. Costume Parade

There are some national celebration days, students have to wear costumes of Indonesian folks. For example on Kartini Day that is celebrated on April 21, the girls can imitate Kartini outfit and the boys may use traditional costumes.

There are also many other ideas for kindergarten students, such as cooking class, sports, visiting friends or even visiting fire station. 

Indonesian Activities for Students in Primary Class

Now we discuss about activities for primary students.

After explaining a topic in the class, teacher will give activities for students. Herewith some ideas for students activities:

  1. Making summary. Have the students to review about the topic in short paragraph.
  2. Library research. Take students to library to do books research.
  3. Project. Ask the students to prepare a presentation about the topics in front of the class.
  4. Role play. Ask them to compose a story regarding the topic and play it in front of the class.
  5. Market Day. Teachers arranged an event related to some topic in the class, such as math and social science.
  6. Field trip. Visit some places related to topic in the class.
  7. Smart and quick competition. Making group of 3 students, each group compete with each other about some lesson in the class.
  8. Costume parade. To celebrate some national event, students are aske to wear Indonesian traditional costumes. Usually it is held on Kartini Day or Independent Day.
  9. Extracurricular activities. Besides lesson in the class, there also extracurriculae acrivities such as boyscout and martial arts are like taekwondo, karate, and silat. Students visit extracurricular class aftet school hour, usually in saturday.
  10. Art & Craft. Students are taught about art and craft activities. They learn about how to make simple craft are like making flower from fancy paper, sewing simple stuff, drawing, etc. 

Indonesian Activities for Students in Higher Classes

For older class like junior and senior high school, students are supported to do research and have short term project besides day to day class activities. They will present their work in front of the class.

Here are the theories:

Basically there are some other activities related to school activities for Indonesian students. The point is we can explore the activities based on topic in the class. Since new regulation about national curriculum, teachers support students to be active in term of doing and explore lesson individually. So they can become self-learner.