Do Indonesian Learn Local Language at School? And How They Do It?

Indonesia is the largest archipelago state in the world. Each region in Indonesia have their own culture and tradition. This culture includes local language. There are more than 700 languages spoken in Indonesia. This number does not include extinct languages or languages that are not spoken by the people anymore. Although Indonesia has one national […]

11 Indonesian Lesson Plan for Primary School Students

Indonesian National Curriculum are composed to help students to pass national final exam. The curriculum applied is “Kurikulum 2013” which contains topics and methods how teacher delivers the lesson. By using this curriculum, students are supported to have active learning. Indonesian Lesson Plan for Primary School Students If you start to prepare for class in […]

30 Indonesian Activities for Students (Teacher’s Lesson Plans)

Indonesian students have many activities at school, all of the lesson are composed to support them being successful in national examination at the end of school year. Below are activities for students can be prepared based on school level: Indonesian Activities for Students in Kindergarten/ Early Childhood When they are on kindegarten, teachers discuss basic […]