Find Out About Indonesian Birth Names Order and Meaning

Hi Fellas~ How’s your Indonesian language progress? Can you make a paragraph and tell a story with Bahasa now? If yes, then it’s great!

Next question, Have you come to Bali? Do you realize that Balinese sometimes has a same name like putu, wayan, or made?  Do you want to know why they have a same name even they’re completely a different person?

Indonesian loves to using sanskrit names and sometimes get influenced from other languages in named something. We have learned about Indonesian sanskrit names before. We have learned the history about sanskrit in Indonesia and the example of it. You can check the article here. In this article, we will explain about Indonesian names birth order and its meaning. This article will explain why some Indonesian have same name even though they are a complete person just like Made, Putu, and etc. Also learn about How to Ask “What Is Your Name” in Indonesian

Well, names due to a birth order are not a new thing in our life. In Western, children who have the same as their parents can be given an additional name like junior or numbers. Such as Albert Junior or William III. In Japan, Japanese also give names to boys based on the birth order, the common names are ichiro, koichi, jiro, saburo and etc. In ancient rome, girls and boys often given a small cardinal or ordinal number that reflected their birth order. For girls names will be prima, secunda, tertia and for boys it could be primus, secundus, tertius, etc. In Korean too, they are using Il, I, Sam to explain the birth order.

In Indonesia itself, Indonesian often to names their children based on birth order, and month order. Sure there are some influenced from other language too especially Sanskrit language. In Sanskrit influence, Indonesian can named their children based on order. For example: Eka, Dwi, Tri, Kwarta, Panca and Sapta for girls or Eko, Ponco, Sapto for boys. Also learn about How to Pronounce Indonesian Names

Let’s break down few names based on the birth order in Indonesian and the examples:

  1. Eka/ Eko: Eka or Eko means one or first. The example of the name is the name of Indonesian artist and politician Eko Hendro Purnomo or known as Eko Patrio or another example is  Eka Budianta, a famous writer in Indonesia.
  2. Dwi: Dwi means two or second. Indonesian often using this too, here are the example of Indonesian famous person that using dwi, such as Sony Dwi Kuncoro, a famous badminton player in Indonesia or Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto, a soccer player in Indonesia
  3. Tri: Tri means three or third, a famous lawyer in Indonesia names Trimedya Panjaitan.
  4. Kwarta: Kwarta means four or fourth in Indonesian. The example of kwarta is name of a famous Indonesian historian, Didi Kwartanada Also learn about Hard Indonesian Words to Pronounce
  5. Panca: Panca means five, the examples of this are an Indonesian entrepreneur named Ponco Sutowo and presenter Harry Panca.
  6. Sapto means seven, the examples of this are, an Indonesian politician named Oesman Sapta and  Sapta Nirwandar, a secretary general of ministry of culture and tourism

In Bali, there is also a habit of giving names according to birth order. Balinese often named the first child with Putu, Wayan, Luh or Gede. While, second child will be named with Made or Nengah. As for the third child they often used Nyoman or Komang. Last, Ketut will be used for the fourth child. While for the fifth child and so on, the order of the name usually repeated to first. Also learn about How to Pronounce Indonesian Words

Now, it’s turn to break the Balinese birth order name and the example of each:

  1. Putu: Putu used for the first child, the example of this is Putu Wijaya, an author and playwright in Indonesia. For girls, they usually add Luh  before Gede.
  2. Made mean middle or used for second child. The example of this is Ni Made Suasti.
  3. Nyoman. Nyoman is used for the third child, it can be seen in name of Indonesian famous sculptor, Nyoman Nuarta.
  4. Ketut. Ketut is used for the fourth child. The example of Balinese name is  Ketut Yuliarsa, an author and musician in Indonesia Also learn about Indonesian Pronouns

Another habit of Indonesian is named a child based on the month, from January-December. This thing is really common in Indonesia. You can even the person birth month from its name.  Let’s see each example of name based on month birth order.

  1. Januari (January):  Januardi (boy) or Januari (girl)
  2. Februari (February):  Febi (girl) or Febrianto (boy)
  3. Maret (March):  Mariska (girl) or Mardi (boy)
  4. April (April): Apriani (girl) or Aprianto (boy)
  5. Mei (May):  Mai (girl)
  6. Juni (June): Juni (girl) or Junaidi (boy)
  7. Juli (July): Julia (girl) or Julianto (boy)
  8. Agustus (August):  Agustina (girl) or Agus (boy)
  9. September (September): Septi (girl) or Septian (boy)
  10. Oktober (October):  Okta (girl) or Oki (boy)
  11. November (November): Novi (girl) or Nova (boy)
  12. Desember (December): Desi (girl) or Deswanto (boy)

Those are Indonesian names based on birth order names and the meaning. We hope you understand and keep your feet to learn more about Indonesian language and culture. Have a great day!