How to Pronounce Indonesian Names – Structures

As you have learned how to pronounce Indonesian alphabets, the next step is learning to pronounce Indonesian names. It is important to note that Indonesian names are completely different from western naming standard. In general, Indonesians only use one name or mononymic name, two names without a family name or polynymic, and polynymic with the family name. Now we will learn about how to pronounce Indonesian Names.

What do you need to know about Indonesian names?

In general, Indonesian names have a different pattern from western naming. For example in western, most people have at least two names with the last name is the family names. In Indonesia, most people have only one or two names with no family names. Only small groups of people use family names followed after the first name.

1. Indonesians do not use western names

For name choices, Indonesians mostly do not use western pattern names. Instead of using first name and family last name, many Indonesians chose name culturally and geographically specific.

How to Speak Indonesian Words Fast? For example, people with a name beginning in ‘Su’ or ‘Soe’ (pronounced the same) or ending name ending with ‘o’ such as Joko, Soeharto, Soekarno, and the like are mostly Javanese. While in Bali, the naming pattern is also different because it follows the birth order, caste, and gender.

How to talk with Indonesian Like A Pro? For example Wayan or Nyoman for first born and Made or Nengah for the second born. In Batak and some Sumatran people, the naming pattern usually followed with clan names such as Nainggolan and Sitompul. For Chinese Indonesians usually use Chinese-style naming. So, Is Indonesia an Easy Language to Learn?? Yes, it’s easy.

2. Indonesian do not use family name

Until today’s, most Indonesians do not follow the family name pattern. Even for people with two or three words name is simply another personal name. Some people only adopt the father’s name for the children. Some married women in Indonesia take the last name of the husband’s family and add the name to their own last name.

Origin of Indonesian names

Indonesian names have various influence such as Sanskrit, Arabic, Chinese, and also local culture. People tend to mix name from Sanskrit such as Shinta (Javanese version of Sita, pronounced as sinta) with Arabic name such as Annisa into Shinta Annisa for a girl name. Some people may also mix up the western-derived name with Javanese or Sanskrit name, for example, Ricky Wijaya and such.

When it comes to the nickname, Indonesians also have a different way of calling people. It is almost uncommon to call a person by his/her first full name, for example, Ricky Wijaya may have ‘Kiky’ as a nickname, Khadijah may have ‘Ida’ as a nickname.

Also, in Indonesia’s phone book, you may find that people’s names are written according to their first name because most people do not have a family name. In diploma certificate and other legal documents, a person name usually followed with ‘bin’ (for male) and (‘binti) for women and then the father’s name, for example, Shinta Annisa binti Soelarso.

In Indonesia, the naming pattern is different from the west because of the strong influence of the Indonesian haritage language and literature. Different tribes in the country also have a different naming system and Learn Indonesian Grammar Structures for Beginners. So, now you know how to pronounce Indonesian Names.