How to Say I am Fine in Indonesian – Examples

If you learn Indonesian language, I believe your goal is to have a conversation. That’s why you need to read this article, since you need to know how to say I am fine in Indonesian.

In every conversation, usually you will ask the condition of the people that talk to you. This is normal practice in conversation. If you want to know more, you can read conversation in Indonesian.

In Indonesian, “I am Fine” = “Saya baik-baik saja

The Example of Conversation to Say I am Fine in Indonesian

This is the example of conversation to say I am fine in Indonesian

Adi: “Hai, selamat pagi” (Hi, good morning)

John: “Selamat pagi juga, Adi” (Good morning too, Adi)

Adi: “Apa kabarmu, John?” (How are you, John?)

John: “Saya baik-baik saja” (I’m fine)

More Variation to Say I am Fine in Indonesian

But in Indonesian, there is some variation on how to say I am fine in Indonesian.

  • “Aku baik-baik saja”

Aku = saya = I (The 1st singular personal pronoun). This is exchangeable words. If you need to learn about it, you can read Indonesian personal pronouns.

  • “Saya baik-baik kok

“kok” is only additional word without any additional meaning. The word “saja” sometimes do not need to day. Usually this is for informal conversation.

  • “Aku baik nih

It is same with “kok”, “nih” just an additional word without additional meaning. The word “baik” is a shorter form of “baik-baik”. Same with previous expression, this is for informal conversation.

  • “Baik!”

This is a very shorter answer. You can use this kind of answer if you talk with your friend or somebody that close to you. He/she will understand that its meaning is I am fine.

  • “Aku sehat-sehat aja”

In Indonesian, “baik” and “sehat” is exchangeable. In English, “sehat” = “health”, not sick. But for Indonesian if you that you are fine, it means you have good condition on your healthy.

  • “Aku OK”

“OK” also has same meaning with fine. It means you do not need something right now.

  • Gak Apa-apa 

Basically, you said “gak apa-apa” or shorthen with “ga pa-pa” in informal ways. Also, this phrase is to answer many questions in daily basis.

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Basically by saying “Saya baik-baik saja”, you want to say that you are in good condition. Sometimes people will ask you if you just in a recovery condition. People want to know if your health getting better or not. You can say it to make people do not have to worry about you. So, you need to say it with smile. This nonverbal expression is needed so people believe what you say.

Well, I hope the example and variation can help you to understand on how to say I am fine in Indonesian. At least now, you already can greet and exchange your condition with people that talk to you. Let’s have a conversation in Indonesian.