Indonesian Phrases for Ordering Food – Complete Examples

Learn the Indonesian phrases for ordering food that would help you get a delicious meal as well as happy feeling. Of course, understand some words for food would be very useful, but we should learn another phrases to fulfill your needs too, right? Therefore, we would also learn some important phrases, similar to asking questions in terms of ordering food.

Learn the Indonesian phrases

Important notes in Indonesian phrases for ordering food is know the how to call the waiter/waitress. In Bahasa Indonesia, the most common terms of it is Mas (for waiter) and Mbak (for waitress). Of course, you can call it like Pak (Sir) or Bu (Mam), but it is quite rare if it happened in a restaurant. That situation mostly happened in street food or ‘warteg’. It is also how to show politeness to the waiter (and you could also use hand gesture such as raise your hand). It is one way to show your Indonesian polite phrases.

In addition, here are some phrases that would help you master Indonesian phrases for ordering food really quick.

  • menu = menu
  • kuliner = culinary
  • bon/bill = bill
  • favorit = favorite
  • rekomendasi/recommended = recommended
  • alergi = alergic
  • vegetarian = vegetarian
  • gula = sugar
  • garam = salt
  • lada = pepper
  • es batu = ice cube
  • panas = hot
  • dingin = cold/ice
  • saus  = sauce
  • saus tomat = tomato sauce
  • saus sambal = chili sauce
  • kecap manis = soy sauce
  • kecap asin = salty soy sauce
  • refill/isi ulang/tambah = refill
  • restoran = restaurant
  • kedai kopi = coffee shop
  • warung/warteg/burjo = some Indonesian ‘mini’ and affordable restaurant (mostly to people that want to get very cheap food)

Notes: Instead of using Bahasa Indonesia, most Indonesian prefer to use the English terms, such as refill, bill, ice and so on.

Learn the Indonesian Sentences

Furthermore, why don’t we learn Indonesian phrases for ordering food less than a minute? Beside knowing only some words, we should learn the important sentences, right? Here they are in informal phrases.

  • (minta) bill = the bill, please
  • (minta) bon = the bill, please
  • (saya) mau order/ mau pesen = I want to order
  • jangan terlalu pedas = Do not be to spicy (food)
  • (saya) boleh minta menu? = could I get the menu? 
  • tolong gulanya sedikit aja = less sugar, please
  • ga usah pakai gula = do not add sugar, please
  • tolong yang pedes ya = please make it (very) spicy
  • (saya ingin) telurnya setengah matang = I want the egg to be half-cooked
  • (saya) boleh minta lada = could I get some pepper
  • (saya) boleh minta sendok dan garpu = could I get a spoon and fork?
  • ada sumpit? = is there any chopsticks?
  • dagingnya kurang matang = the meat is under-cooked
  • dagingnya kematangan = the meat is over-cooked
  • nasi goreng ini terlalu asin = this nasi goreng (fried rice) is too salty
  • jangan pakai bawang goreng = do not add fried onion
  • jangan pakai micin = do not use MSG
  • ada makanan halal? = is there any halal food?
    *mostly the Indonesian food does not contain pork (except in Chinatown or foreign cuisine), so this phrase actually quite unecessary
  • ada makanan vegetarian? = is there any vegetarian food?
  • Bumbunya pakai apa ya? = what is in the spices?
  • Saosnya ini campuran apa aja ya, Mbak? = what is in the mix of sauce, Mam?
  • makanan ini tidak mengandung telur bukan? = this food does not contain egg, does it?
  • Apa makanan favorit di sini? = what is the favorite/recommended food here?
  • berapa tax/pajaknya? = How much is the tax (and service)? 
  • Bayarnya sekarang atau nanti? = We should pay now or later?
    *Every restaurant has its own system and policy. Some will ask you to pay it first, while others allow you to pay seconds before you leave the restaurant
  • Nanti makanannya diantar = The food would be delivered later to you
  • Harganya uda bersih/nett? = Is the price fixed?
    *if you want to make sure if the price has included the tax, or maybe you want to calculate the actual price that added by the additional charge
  • Dessert-nya sekalian atau after? = Would you like the dessert to be served now or later (after main course)?
  • Nanti dessertnya after/setelah makan saja = Please serve the dessert after the main course
  • Saya boleh liat-liat menunya dulu = Can I take a look at the menu first?
  • Tolong minta piring kosong ya, Mas = Can I get a plate?
    *usually if you want to share big portion of food
  • Tolong minta es batu ya = Can I get some ice cubes, please?

Notes: If you see, using ‘saya’ (I) to order food is very optional.

That’s a wrap. To expert and complete the Indonesian phrases for ordering food, you could also try to learn how to ask bill in Bahasa Indonesia. Don’t forget to also improve your Indonesian speaking skills and use your language more fluent. The key is learn and practice more.