4 Ways to Improve Your Indonesian Speaking Skills Like A Pro


How’s your Bahasa Indonesia progress? Do you find any difficulties? Similar to others, one of the obstacles in language learning is speaking (Check also Causes of Difficulty in Learning Indonesia Language).

You feel that you have know the Indonesian Grammar Rules as well as the Sacred Communication Etiquette), but you feel that the words are stuck on your tongue and refuse to come out. Therefore, at this opportunity, why don’t we learn some ways to Improve your Indonesian Speaking Skills. Before we start, let’s refresh your mind about Indonesian.

1. Have a friend to chat with

Speaking is a very interesting language skill because beside knowledge about grammar or vocabulary, you need courage and confident. But, even if you have it all, you will also find yourself in cultural shock and language barrier. Here are some ways to improve your Indonesian Speaking Skills.

In social media era, there are many ways to chat with people no matter where they are. Learning language has three factors, which are practice, practice and practice. There are many website to help you improve your language even there are people that also seek help through social media, video call just to relax their mouth muscle to pronounces Indonesian Alphabets and other sentences. In addition, you could also have a chat buddy that accompany you. If you are in Indonesia, there are several website to give you a buddy to you.

2. Try to impersonate through video

If you are still shy, try to impersonate through or to a video. It helps your Indonesian Words Pronunciation a lot because speaking skills relates with the listening skills too.

However, of course it’s better to practice it to ‘real’ person. In addition, you will also learn about dialects, slang and informal language that commonly used in daily life. This is one of the earliest step of ways to Improve Your Indonesian Speaking Skills. The next one? Grow your confident and courage.

3. Practice in Indonesia: Live with the Locals

Of course if you are really determined (and also has money), why don’t you go straight to the country itself. Beside many local languages, you could definitely practice your oral muscle and learn many things outside the book, even you could compare one to another dialects.

teer. There are many volunteer jobs across Indonesia, from the Eastern to the Western. Beside, you will save some money and adapt to local culture (plus you do good things). But, you could also live with the locals without volunteer. Some of the region, in example Yogyakarta, has the Bahasa Indonesia program for you. There, you could practice Bahasa Indonesia with your guest family.

In addition, if you live in Indonesia and less crowded city/not a destination site, you could also practice to buy things or how to ask questions to the locals. Furthermore, it could be cultural exchange to, right? Use your time efficiently and as wise as you can! Check also: Asking Questions in Indonesian

4. Don’t afraid to make mistakes

Last, but not least, never be afraid. This is a simple but quite essential in many aspects of life, including language learning. Always remember that language is beyond its structure. Grammar mistakes does not mean that people would not understand you.

At least you try. Even with the mistakes you could also learn. Afraid to mispronounced something? Don’t be! Because many Indonesian also usually mispronounce English. It’s not your mother-tongue. Therefore, it would be understood that every people has their own struggle. Beside, with mistakes you will improve, too. Furthermore, many Indonesian does not follow the rules when they talk. On the other words, you would also learn the mistake or Indonesian Informal Language to when you are in Indonesia.

Notes: Speaking and Writing are two languages skill that need your participation actively, unlike listening and reading. It would not come only by seconds, but eventual practice.

That’s all about ways to improve your Indonesian Speaking Skills. Ready for more practice? But, before we end and you will practice your speaking, you could check these following articles. Here are several phrases that you may use to communicate with Bahasa Indonesia. Oh, you could also try to use and pronounce it to improve your speaking skills. Good luck!