How to Say Food in Indonesian – Vocabulary Example

Hello! It’s great to see you! There are so many different ways to pronounce a word in each country. Included in the pronunciation of the word “food” or in the Indonesian language “makanan”, how to pronounce it like this: ma-ka-nan. There is no difference in its use in formal or informal languages. Food – Makanan […]

Indonesian Phrases for Ordering Food – Complete Examples

Learn the Indonesian phrases for ordering food that would help you get a delicious meal as well as happy feeling. Of course, understand some words for food would be very useful, but we should learn another phrases to fulfill your needs too, right? Therefore, we would also learn some important phrases, similar to asking questions […]

How to Order Food in Restaurant in Indonesian Language

Hi everybody! Today I’ll give you about “how to order food in restaurant in Indonesian Language”. While traveling in Indonesian, it is very important to know a few words to communicate with local people. Food in Indonesian is “Makanan”. If you want to order some food in restaurant, you can use this phrases : You […]

100+ Indonesian Words for Food and Examples

When planning to visit Indonesian, it is crucial to know the food variation in the country. Different from English menus, most Indonesian food and drinks are not English-friendly. This means that some of the menus or foods do not have English translation especially for authentic Indonesian food. Thus it is important to learn Indonesian words […]