Indonesian Language Abbreviations – Examples and Meaning

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As you may found, abbreviation makes communication become easier and efficient. However, you should understand about the abbreviation form of a word. Therefore, we will learn about Indonesian Language Abbreviations because it is very common to be found in the daily life.

Some of it might be considered as formal abbreviation, but others are usually cultural one, sometimes periodical or depends on the geography. To shorten the time, let’s take a look of Indonesian Language Abbreviations. Then, if you confident enough, try to use it like a pro.

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Indonesian Formal Abbreviation

In Bahasa Indonesia, there are two types of abbreviation. First is called ‘singkatan’ and the other is ‘akronim’. The ‘singkatan’ is similar to initialism, so you’ll pronounce it as alphabet to alphabet, while ‘akronim’ creates a new word-like, so it is pronounced by its syllables. Here are some of formal abbreviations, both ‘singkatan’ and ‘akronim’

  • a.n. = atas nama (on behalf on)
  • s.d. = sampai dengan (until)
  • yth. = yang terhormat (Dear – to respected person)
  • dsb. = dan sebagainya (etc./and so on)
  • dll. = dan lain-lain (etc./and so on)
  • dst. = dan seterusnya (etc./and so on)
  • Puskesmas = Pusat Kesehatan Masyarakat (People Health Center)
  • RS = Rumah Sakit (hospital)
  • PT = Perseroan Terbatas (Limited Liability Company)
  • DPR = Dewan Perwakilan Masyarakat (People’s Representative Council)
  • MPR = Majelis Perwakilan Rakyat (People’s Consultative Assembly)
  • Pemilu = Pemilihan Umum (General election)
  • ABRI = Angkatan Bersenjata Republik Indonesia (Indonesian National Armed Force – at the past)
  • TNI = Tentara Nasional Indoensia (Indonesian National Armed Force – at the present)
    *There are three types of TNI, which are TNI AD (Angkatan Darat- Army), AL (Angkatan Laut – Navy) and AU (Angkatan Udara – Air Force)
  • bandara = bandar udara (airport)
  • tj = transjakarta/transjogja (Jakarta/Jogja city bus)
  • PON = Pekan Olahraga Nasional (National Sport Week)
  • ruko = rumah toko (house-shop, a multi-functioned building: as a living place and shop)
  • rusun = rumah susun (stacking houses like apartment but more affordable)
  • SARA = suku, agama, ras, dan antargolongan (ethnic group, religion, race, inter-group relation)
  • WIB = Waktu Indonesia Barat (Western Indonesian Time)
  • WITA = Waktu Indonesia Tengah (Center Indonesian Time)
  • WIT = Waktu Indonesia Timur (Eastern Indonesian Time)
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  • Kedubes = Kedutaan Besar (Embassy)
  • cerpen = cerita pendek (short story)
  • ASI = Air Susu Ibu (breast milk)
  • angkot = angkutan kota (city/public transportation)
  • IPA = Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam (Natural Sciences)
  • IPS = Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial (Social Sciences)
  • ponsel = telepon seluler (handphone)
  • balita = bawah lima tahun (child under 5 years old)
  • DAMRI = Djawatan Angkutan Motor Republik Indonesia (Indonesian state owned public transit bus company)
  • humas = hubungan masyarakat (PR- public relation)
  • Rp = Rupiah (IDR- Indonesian Currency)
  • tagar = tanda pagar (hashtag)
  • KTP = Kartu Penduduk Indonesia (Indonesian Citizenship Card)
  • RI = Republik Indonesian (Indonesian Republic)
  • NKRI = Negara Kesatuan Republic Indonesia (Indonesian Republic)
  • ttl = tempat, tanggal lahir (Place of Birth, Date of Birth)
  • S. E. = Sarjana Ekonomi (Bachelor of Economics – equal with Bachelor of Arts)
  • S. T. = Sarjana Sastra (Bachelor of Literature equal with Bachelor of Arts)
  • M. A. = Magister of Arts

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Indonesian Informal Abbreviations in Bahasa Indonesia!

If there’s a formal one, of course we have the informal abbreviation. It is possibly happened because of many factors. First, there are short space to write a word (e.g. advertisement, short message, social media and so on). Secondly, to shorten longer word to be more efficient and memorable.

Here are some of the informal abbreviations that commonly found in Bahasa Indonesia, both in written from and oral conversation. Because it is informal, it is arbitrary, so it could be different in other places or individual, also generation to generation.

  • tdk = tidak (not)
  • bkn = bukan (not)
  • dr = dari (from)
  • utk = untuk (for)
  • otw = (on the way) *pronounced as [otewe]
  • yg = yang (which)
  • blm = have/has not
  • spy = supaya (for)
  • jln = jalan (walk/street)
  • gpp = gak apa-apa (never mind/I’m okay)
  • kpd = kepada (to)
  • dmn = di mana (where)
  • kmn = ke mana (where to)
  • pa = apa (what)
  • sapa = siapa (who)
  • bgmn/gmn = bagaimana (how)
  • knp = kenapa/mengapa (why)
  • kpn = kapan (when)
  • brp = berapa (how many/how much)
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  • jg = also
  • jd = jadi (so/become)
  • tp = tapi (but)
  • dpt = dapat (can/could)
  • krg = kurang (less/minus/not good enough)
  • tmbh = tambah (plus)
  • y = ya (yes)
  • baper = bawa perasaan (too sensitive)
  • kepo = Knowing Every Particular Object
  • gatot = gagal total (totally failed) 
  • gaje = gak jelas (uncertain, weird)
  • hqq = hakiki (genuine)
  • mbb/sbb = maaf baru balas/sorry baru balas (sorry for late reply)
  • B/ B aja = Biasa/Biasa saja (very mediocre)
  • Sis = sister (to call a girl friend/ online shop customer)
  • Bro = brother (to call a boy friend)
  • kzl = kesal (annoyed)
  • PHP = Pemberi Harapan Palsu (person who brokes his/her promise), similar to giving hope, but it does not happen
  • HP = handphone
  • Japri = Jaringan Pribdai (Personal Message/Direct Message)
  • Min = Admin (usually for social media admin)
  • sa ae = bisa aja (usually to express praise to someone that makes jokes)
  • jagung = jaksa agung (District Attorney)
  • Bhs Indonesia = Bahasa Indonesia

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Okay. Those are part of Indonesian Language Abbreviations. I believe there are still more out there. Try to find as many as possible and figure out the meaning of it. After this lesson, if you are still curious about Bahasa Indonesia, you could also check these following articles. Good luck!

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