Informal Greeting in Indonesian Language – Phrase – Gesture – Slang Words

Hello there, come back again to learn more about Bahasa Indonesia. Are you ready to learn more about Bahasa Indonesia? Okay, but before we learn something today, let’s review what we did at last. Last days, we already learn about greet people in Indonesia, good morning greetings in Indonesia even Indonesian greeting customs. So today, we will […]

A-Z Informal Indonesian Phrases – Vocabularies and Examples

Learn the informal Indonesian phrases fast and make you sounds like a pro as well as friendly. Of course, learn formal language is really important to learn about language system. However, practically, you need to be flexible too. Therefore, informal Indonesian phrases would be more than list of slang or broken language. So why don’t […]

Indonesian Informal Letter Examples and Meaning

Hello! Welcome back As you know, learning informal language is as important as learning Indonesian Formal Language to deliver more flexible communication. I guess you have learned many Useful Words to Get You Anywhere in Indonesia, right? Now, why don’t we try to explore more about Indonesian Informal Letter. Therefore, you could use Bahasa Indonesia […]

Indonesian Informal Verbs – Formula – Examples

Hello! Most languages have its own  non-formal way to communicate, both implicitly and explicitly. Therefore, you have known about Indonesian Slang in Internet Chatting. In Bahasa Indonesia, if you do not want to give stiff sense or you want to be more friendly in terms to communicate, you could use Indonesian Informal Verbs. However, please […]