How to Say “Apa” in Indonesian? Vocabulary and Examples

How to Say “Apa” in Indonesian. Hello everybody! How was your day? Hopefully, everything runs well. Previously we’ve learnt some topics about Indonesian. It is important for us to know some expressions in Indonesian because some words cannot be translated literally. So, you must pay attention to your bahasa Indonesia. In this article we will […]

Example of Conversation with Taxi Driver in Bali and The Explanation

When you are having a vacation in Bali, there is a high chance that you will have to use taxi as a transportation service. Well, sometimes, you will have to be in a taxi for a while before you get to the destination you want. So, it would be awkward if you spend all the […]

What is the Meaning of “Makasih Ya” in Bahasa? Expressing Gratitude

As a learner of Bahasa Indonesia, you must be fully understood with the phrase terima kasih. For those who do not know, the phrase terima kasih in Bahasa Indonesia means “thank you” in English. The phrase terima kasih in Bahasa Indonesia is very common to be used in a conversation as a term that expresses […]

What is The Indonesian Word for Language? The Origins

As we have explained about the reason why Indonesian refer Bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian language as language in this article, now we are going to learn about what is the Indonesian word for language. In today’s lesson, you are about to learn the Indonesian word for language. The material of the lesson includes the translation […]

What is Sama-Sama in Indonesian? Examples – Phrase

Now we are going to learn another topic about Bahasa Indonesia terms that are commonly used in daily conversation. In Bahasa Indonesia, there are phrases that commonly mean two or more different definitions. One of these many phrases is sama-sama. The phrase sama-sama in Bahasa Indonesia is very common to be used in colloquial conversation. […]

How to Say “Where is It” in Indonesian – Phrase – Example

Sometimes, you might be asking about direction or where the place of something is. In English, you might use the sentence, “where is it” to ask about the whereabouts of something you need to know. You might also use different subject other than it, for instance, the name of the thing, name, or place. So, […]

How to Say “Where is the Toilet” in Indonesian – Clear Examples

Today, we are going to learn how to say “where is the toilet” in Bahasa Indonesia. But, before we go right to the explanation, you have to know the word or phrase that is used by Indonesian to refer to toilet. In Bahasa Indonesia, there are some vocabularies that refer to a toilet or restroom. […]

How to Say “I Miss You Too” in Indonesian – Sweet Phrase

Sometimes, you might feel you want to meet your old friend or lover so badly. Maybe, it’s your friend or you lover who wants to meet you. To express the urge to meet each other, you might say “I miss you” to them. Well of course they answer with “I miss you too”. So, as […]

How to Say “F Off” in Indonesian – Phrase – Slang Words

As in learning any language, you have to know every expression from that language. This includes every positive or negative expressions based on the possible situation regardless of you will need it or not. If you are learning Bahasa Indonesia, you might want to learn about how to use some expressions in Bahasa Indonesia that […]

List of the Busiest Airports in Indonesia

As a foreign traveler, most of you would prefer to use air transportation than any other else. Beside it being the fastest and most efficient transportation, the facilities provided are most likely to suit with our needs. In Indonesia, there are many airports spread all over the country. Most of these airports have a very […]