A-Z List of Loanwords in Indonesian – Definition and Phrase

Hello guys, so what’s up? We hope that you are alright. Last days, we already learn about The list of cities in Indonesian, in here we also know how to ask people about the direction when we got lost. So for now, are you ready to learn Bahasa Indonesia again? After we know about on How to Speak Indonesian Words for Beginner.Today we will learn about a list of loanwords in Indonesian.

Before we go to explain the loanwords, you have to know first what are the loanwords? Loanwords are the words that adopted in other languages, it can be English, Japanese, Malay, Tamil, Europe, and more. These words are usually used by Indonesian people here, they used in daily words. So, below here are the lists of Indonesian loanwords of English origin.

The list of Indonesian loanwords of English Origin

No.[/th] [th]The words in Indonesian[/th] [th]Meaning[/th] [th]Original Words

1.[/td] [td]Astronot[/td] [td]An Astronaut[/td] [td]Astronout

2.[/td] [td]Bisnis[/td] [td]Business[/td] [td]Business

3.[/td] [td]Diskon[/td] [td]Discount[/td] [td]Discount

4.[/td] [td]Elektronik[/td] [td]Electronic[/td] [td]Electronic

5.[/td] [td]Gosip[/td] [td]Gossip[/td] [td]Gossip

6.[/td] [td]Isu[/td] [td]Issue[/td] [td]Issue

7.[/td] [td]Komputer[/td] [td]Computer[/td] [td]Computer

8.[/td] [td]Komplit[/td] [td]Complete[/td] [td]Complete

9.[/td] [td]Moderen[/td] [td]Modern[/td] [td]Modern

10.[/td] [td]Tiket[/td] [td]A Ticket[/td] [td]Ticket

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After see the table of list of loanwords in Indonesian, below here are the examples of loanwords in Indonesian, how to used in sentences. So, please watch it carefully and find the difference.

Below here are the examples of loanwords in Indonesian

  • Ayahku sedang membuat laporan keuangan di komputernya. (My father is making finance report in his computer.)
  • Sekarang, harga tiket ke Ancol sangat murah sekali. (Now, the ticket prices to Ancol is very cheap.)
  • Di toko baju tersebut sedang ada diskon besar-besaran. (At those clothing stores, there are big discounts.)
  • Seluruh makanan yang tersedia diatas meja sudah komplit. (All food that available on the table is complete.)

Are there any differences between in Indonesian and in English? Surely yes. There are some differences between both of them, first is the pronunciation and the last is the meaning. Let’s see the first example, ayahku sedang membuat laporan keuangan di komputernya. The word of komputer is from a computer in English, in here it has the same meaning, a computer, got it?

However, look at at the next example, seluruh makanan yang tersedia diatas meja sudah komplit. The word of komplit is from complete in English, the meaning of komplit in this sentence is lengkap. The word of komplit in Bahasa Indonesia may have other meaning in English, it can be finished or ended. It belongs how is the sentence is.   

The list of English loanwords of Indonesian Origin

No.[/th] [th]English words[/th] [th]Meaning[/th] [th]Indonesian Origin

1.[/td] [td]Angklung[/td] [td]Musical instrument from Indonesia[/td] [td]Angklung

2.[/td] [td]Bamboo[/td] [td]One of plant[/td] [td]Bambu

3.[/td] [td]Batik[/td] [td]Batik is Javaneese traditional patterns of clothes[/td] [td]Batik

4.[/td] [td]Cassowary[/td] [td]One of a bird in Papua, Indonesia[/td] [td]Kasuari

5.[/td] [td]Cockatoo[/td] [td]One of bird family of parrot[/td] [td]Kakatua

6.[/td] [td]Dugong[/td] [td]A marine mammal[/td] [td]Ikan duyung

7.[/td] [td]Komodo dragon[/td] [td]One of species of big lizard in Indonesia[/td] [td]Komodo

8.[/td] [td]Ketchup[/td] [td]One of sauce[/td] [td]Kecap

9.[/td] [td]Satay[/td] [td]One of traditional Indonesian dish[/td] [td]Sate

10.[/td] [td]Sarong[/td] [td] A length of fabric that wrapped around the waist[/td] [td]Sarung

So, what are you thingking about the above lists? We hope you understand about the differences, such as the word of satay. Satay is an Indonesian dish that most favorites in Indonesia, all people like this dish even the foreign did. Satay is made from chicken that is seasoned and it grills over hot charcoal.

Every cities in Indonesia have the origin satay by their region. Satay in Indonesian means Sate, so if you want to buy Chicken Satay you should say Sate Ayam. Next example word of ketchup, ketchup in English means tomato sauce that have red color and it tastes sweet and sour. But, in Indonesia ketchup has different meaning, ketchup or kecap in Indonesia it means soy sauce that has a black color and it tastes sweet. If you want tell tomato sauce in Indonesia, you should say Saos Tomat, and for soy sauce you should say Kecap. From these examples, could you understand? 

Below here are the examples of loanwords 

  • Bambu adalah makanan favorit panda. (Bamboo is panda’s favorite food.)
  • Pola batik disetiap daerah di Indonesia memiliki pola yang berbeda-beda. (The batik’s pattern in every region in Indonesia have the different pattern.)
  • Komodo hanya bisa dijumpai di Nusa Tenggara. (Komodo dragons can only found in East Weast Nusa.)
  • Lelaki Muslim yang hendak pergi ke masjid sebaiknya memakai sarung. (Muslim men who want to go to the mosque should wear sarong)

Let’s check the above examples of loanword based on Indonesian origin, the first example Bambu adalah makanan favorit panda. This sentence has a clear meaning that a bamboo is panda’s favorite food. The mean has the same meaning but the spelling word is different, could you find it? Next example is Pola batik disetiap daerah di Indonesia memiliki pola yang berbeda-beda. The word of batik in English is written batik too. It is same as the origin Indonesian words did, it is not changed at all. The meaning is also the same, it is the traditional fabric pattern in Indonesia.

However, how is the lesson today, is it good? We hope the above tips can useful for you. So, do not stop learning Bahasa Indonesia if you want to be a great one.

Here there are already List of Indonesian Words with meaning and also the examples, with these, you will be one of an expert in Bahasa Indonesia. Do not forget to learn how to count in Indonesian? While you are traveling in Indonesia, you should learn how to count and understand how to say it. Try it and keep practicing. Good luck.