Tips for Learning Bahasa Indonesia for Beginner from The Expert

Bahasa Indonesia is an easy as well as complex language at the same time. Want some tips for learning Bahasa Indonesia for Beginner so you could master it faster? You are in the right place! We will learn what to learn first as beginner in learning Bahasa Indonesia. Here, these are some tips to help you!

Learn the pronunciation in Bahasa Indonesia

First tips for learning Bahasa Indonesia for Beginner to look like a pro is learn and get familiar with the basic. It includes pronunciation, which also consists knowledge about Indonesian alphabet and Indonesian phoneme. While you may find different dialects (which another obstacle of language barrier), learning pronunciation is very basic.

Therefore, you won’t be misunderstood. Beside, it helps will help your tongue to adapt Bahasa Indonesia words. You could impersonate video or try to read words (from books or newspaper) out loud, so you could get some references and practice of pronunciation of basic words

Learn basic grammar structure in Bahasa Indonesia

Other very important thing for beginner is basic grammar structure. These includes the formal Bahasa Indonesia. Before you start to learn about slang words or diverse dialects, you should start from the standard one. In addition, Bahasa Indonesia has less complex sentences than English.

Why? There is no differences between past or present, except for its adverb of time and auxiliary verb. Therefore,in terms of Indonesian grammar structures for beginners, you just need to learn one basic sentence (either S-V or S-V-O) without concern about to be or which verb you must used. Easy right? When you have mastered this, learning the informal Bahasa Indonesia would be 100 times easier than you think!

Learn basic vocabulary and phrases (add certain vocabulary everyday)

How about the tips of learning Bahasa Indonesia for beginner for people that only has limited times? You could also use the fast-route and memorize some survival phrases and common sentences These includes some phrases, such as (Nama saya … = My name is), Apa kabar? (What’s up?) or even Saya tidak mengerti Bahasa Indonesia (I don’t understand Bahasa Indonesia). Here is some common phrases to help you.

  • Jam berapa? (What time is it?)
  • Berapa harga barang tersebut? (How much it cost)
  • Saya baik-baik saja (I’m fine)
  • Selamat pagi (Good morning!)
  • Saya sedang belajar Bahasa Indonesia (I am learning Bahasa Indonesia)
  • Dari mana kamu berasal? Saya berasal dari … (Where are you come from? I am from…)
  • Di mana bank berada? (Where is the bank?)
  • Maaf (Sorry)
  • Terima kasih (Thank you)
  • Tolong (Please, help)

But, it much better to learn from the basic that I have mentioned at previous point. You could add, in example, twenty vocabulary or phrases everyday. Try to learn with specific theme, such as fruit, school-related and so on. Therefore, you would be systematic as well as less rush out at the same time. Don’t forget to learn about Indonesian idioms or slang word too.

Get help as much as you can

At this era you could also get help through social media, language application and many more. Have a friend to listen and be listened, either in person or through social media. In addition, some videos would help you a lot with tips, pronunciation or vocabulary. You could also read novel (which will add tons of new words) or watching movie to help you in listening section too. Try to listen and sing Indonesian song too. It would be fun!

Be confident and do some mistakes!

The last but not least, as well as the key of learning a certain language is use it! You could be a grammar expert or have magnificent vocabulary, but you have to practice it! Of course, it is very nervous and sometimes people have fear of insecurity with their capability.

But, it’s fine because we do mistakes and we will learn from it. Always remember, you are not using your mother-tongue and its an achievement, right? You should be proud, at least you do not only speak a single language. In addition, always remember that language is not always about grammar structure or formal words.

Even your Bahasa Indonesia has not perfect yet, people will understand as we understand another non-native speaker speak your mother-tongue. Language is not mathematics or biology, it’s like dancing, you won’t master in in one night and you need to keep practice for maintaining it.

Those are the tips for learning Bahasa Indonesia for beginner which would give you more motivation and confident. Learn the Indonesian grammar rules, some most common Indonesian verbs and most importantly do practice. Be confident and proud with your achievement as well as never afraid to learn from mistakes! Good luck!