A-Z Sundanese Swear Words – Slang Words and Its Meaning

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In daily conversation, swearing words present as a form of communication expression, even it is used to be classified as an impolite speech act. In Indonesia, involved in a conversation should pay attention with politeness. This politeness became very important when you were involved in a conversation with older people.

Even though its classified as an impolite speech act, swearing words still became a part of language. Every language has its own swearing words.

In general, saying swearing words has a strong connection with the context such as who are the speakers, in what kind of situation the word being said, etc which means not each swearing words is used as an anger expression. Swearing words also could be used as the way to make a joke when its already became familiar so no one would get offended.

In Indonesia, Sundanese language became the second language that being spoken by most Indonesian people. The vocabularies of Sundanese language were originated from the different level social classes, age, and profession among society. The language levels classified into 3 classes: polite, medium, impolite.

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For example:

  • Anjing: Dog

Example in sentences:

  • Anjing, alus pisan jahitanna ! (Oh shit, the sewing line is great!)

 The word “anjing” up there literaly means dog in english or name of an animal. In Indonesia generally, not only Sundanese the word “anjing” were used to express an anger feeling. But nowadays its been softened to express an admiration. The word “anjing” itself in Sundanese has another form such as anjay, anjrit, anying, etc.

Sundanese swearing words could be softened by the characteristic of Sundanese people itself who speak frankly and reluctantly during the conversation. Another version told that the softened swearing words were caused by taboo among society that ended up with jokes.

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Sometimes, swearing words were influenced by the speaker context. The speaker will concern with who they were speaking.

For the example:

  • Kehed: Sialan (Damn/f@ck)

Example in sentences:

  • Kehed teh siah ! : Sialan kamu (Fuck you/Damn you!)

If you were in the middle of conversatin with older people better for you to not said this swearing word towards them, in Sundanese tradition it would be very impolite.

Examples of Sundanese swearing words:

  • Dibedog siah ku aing: Aku akan membunuhmu dengan golok ! (I will kill you with my machete)
  • Belegug siah: Bodoh kamu ! (Stupid you)
  • Belekok siah: Bodoh kamu! (Stupid you)
  • Borokokok siah: Kamu payah ! (You jerk!)
  • Goblok: Bodoh! (Stupid)
  • Gelo: Gila (Crazy)
  • Jurig siah: Setan kamu! (You are satan!)
  • Koplok: Bodoh! (Stupid)
  • Anying/anjing: Anjing ! (Bastard)
  • Anjir: sialan! (Damn you)
  • Anjrit: Sialan! (Damn you)
  • Ontohod siah: Keparat! (You asshole!)
  • Kehed siah: Sialan kamu ! (F@ck you!)
  • Modar siah: Mati kamu ! (You’ll gonna die!)
  • Kepret siah: Ku tampar kamu ! (im gonna slap you !)
  • Ku aing siah: Kamu akan berurusan denganku ! (You’ll gonna deal with me !)
  • Babangus: Mulutmu itu ! (Watch your mouth!)

From the explanation above there is no difference between formal and informal situation of the conversation. The main factor on how using Sundanese swearing words is by the age level. The older the opponent the first speaker will softened the words.

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Thats what can we learn about Sundanese swearing words, the vocabularies, the way to speak, in what kind of situation, etc. I hope this article could help you to understand Indonesian culture especially Sundanese culture deeper.

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