A-Z Sundanese Swear Words – Slang Words and Its Meaning

Hello there, welcome back to Mastering Bahasa Indonesia ! In daily conversation, swearing words present as a form of communication expression, even it is used to be classified as an impolite speech act. In Indonesia, involved in a conversation should pay attention with politeness. This politeness became very important when you were involved in a […]

What Are The Major Languages Spoken in Indonesia?

Indonesia is one of the few countries who has huge amount of languages spoken by its people. There are around 700 languages used by Indonesian. The numerous amounts of languages in Indonesia are mainly caused by its wide diversity of tribe and culture. Almost each tribe in Indonesia has their own language that is different […]

Neng Meaning in Indonesia – Clear Examples

Indonesia is one of the relatively large country in the world. There are around seventeen thousands islands in Indonesia, from Sabang until Merauke. This wide area and the island location allows Indonesia to has many residents that come from different tribes. Sometimes each tribe have their own traditional language. One of the largest Indonesian tribes […]