Indonesian Affixes vs English Affixes – Grammar and Structures

Hello! When you study about Bahasa Indonesia, you may found that Forming Indonesian Words & Using Indonesian Affixes is quite essential because it is typical. In fact, this is one of the main obstacle in learning Bahasa Indonesia. Unlike English, the affixes is varied from Indonesian Prefixes and Suffixes as well as Indonesian Infixes. Therefore, […]

Meaning of Indonesian Prefixes – Formula – Examples – Worksheet

As you know, understand Forming Indonesian Words & Using Indonesian Affixes is really important. You have learned many form of Indonesian Prefixes, as well as Indonesian Prefixes and Suffixes. There, you learn how to form a new word using affixes and also morphology (study of word forming) rule in Bahasa Indonesia. Then, right now let’s […]

Forming Indonesian Words & Using Indonesian Affixes

Hi! How’s your progress in learning Bahasa? What do you think of Indonesian grammar? Indonesian grammar is quite simple, make sure you learn Indonesian grammar structures for beginners and check out basic student’s guide for Indonesian grammar! In Indonesian language, many words are formed from a combination of root words and affixes. Affixes are a set […]

Learning Indonesian Infixes with Table and Example

There are four types of affixes in Indonesian unlike English which only have two types of affixes. These four types of affixes are: prefixes, suffixes, confixes and infixes. As in the indonesian prefix table has discussed about the prefixes in Indonesian, this article about Indonesian infixes is going to give you a detailed explanation about […]