How Do You Say Yes in Balinese? Phrase – Example

As Indonesia is rich by its culture and language, if people visit Indonesia, they must need to learn each tribes’ language from the region they want to visit. It is important to learn each tribes’ language, even though people have learnt about Indonesian Language. Each tribes has each language and so Bali province does. Bali […]

How to Carry Money in Bali? Indonesian Rupiah – Currency

Maybe the question, ‘how to carry money in Bali’ has been asked many times before. This question also has been answered multiple times with foreigners that have experienced a vacation to Bali. Regarding to this question, there are many opinions or answers that vary depending to the needs of the person. Most of them prefer […]

Are US Dollars Accepted in Bali? Value – Exchange Rate

Hello, guys. How are you today? Hope you are good as ever. We are going to discuss about another thing regarding the most famous, exotic island in Indonesia, Bali. Many foreigners that want to have a trip to Bali might be wondering, “are their country’s currency accepted in Bali?”. To be specific, US dollars, are […]

What Currency Should I Take to Bali? Exchange Rate – Indonesian Rupiah

As a foreigner who wants to have a trip to Indonesia, specifically, Bali, there must be a thought, “what currency should I take to Bali?” To make you feel better about the services in Bali, there are plenty amount of services to change currency or money. Most of them are also trustworthy, especially the one […]