Are US Dollars Accepted in Bali? Value – Exchange Rate

Hello, guys. How are you today? Hope you are good as ever. We are going to discuss about another thing regarding the most famous, exotic island in Indonesia, Bali. Many foreigners that want to have a trip to Bali might be wondering, “are their country’s currency accepted in Bali?”. To be specific, US dollars, are […]

What Currency Should I Take to Bali? Exchange Rate – Indonesian Rupiah

As a foreigner who wants to have a trip to Indonesia, specifically, Bali, there must be a thought, “what currency should I take to Bali?” To make you feel better about the services in Bali, there are plenty amount of services to change currency or money. Most of them are also trustworthy, especially the one […]

How to Say Indonesia Rupiah – Examples – Pronunciation

Hello all? I hope your day is always great as usual Alright, today we will learn how to speak one of the languages ​​in Indonesia, namely how to expose the Indonesian currency. The pronunciation of the currency may seem simple and trivial, but if we do not pay attention to it in the utterance, it […]