What Are Some Fun Topics and Books for Learning Indonesian?

Practice makes perfect. Yes, we heard enough about this phrase since we were child. In learning foreign languages, there are four skills (reading, listening, writing, and speaking) that we need to master. After mastering grammar, you can surely demonstrate your ability in reading and writing. However, speaking is different thing. One needs daily practices in […]

List of the Busiest Airports in Indonesia

As a foreign traveler, most of you would prefer to use air transportation than any other else. Beside it being the fastest and most efficient transportation, the facilities provided are most likely to suit with our needs. In Indonesia, there are many airports spread all over the country. Most of these airports have a very […]

How to Carry Money in Bali? Indonesian Rupiah – Currency

Maybe the question, ‘how to carry money in Bali’ has been asked many times before. This question also has been answered multiple times with foreigners that have experienced a vacation to Bali. Regarding to this question, there are many opinions or answers that vary depending to the needs of the person. Most of them prefer […]

Are US Dollars Accepted in Bali? Value – Exchange Rate

Hello, guys. How are you today? Hope you are good as ever. We are going to discuss about another thing regarding the most famous, exotic island in Indonesia, Bali. Many foreigners that want to have a trip to Bali might be wondering, “are their country’s currency accepted in Bali?”. To be specific, US dollars, are […]