How to Learn Indonesian Consonant – Formula and Examples

Indonesian language basically consist of two types of words. The first one, vowel. Vowel or “huruf hidup” in Bahasa consist of  A, I, U, E, O. While the consonant, or “ huruf mati/konsonan” in Bahasa consist of the words beside the “huruf hidup”. It is important for you to learn the consonat in Bahasa Indonesia. […]

Learn about Consonant Phoneme in English and Indonesian

Selamat datang! As a verbal communication, language is a universal system. All languages in the world consist phonemes, morphemes, symbols (check Indonesian Alphabets), and so on. But, right now we will focus in one very specific aspect, which is about Consonant Phonemes in English and Indonesian. Consonant phonemes is called contoid, which is a speech […]