Indonesian Phonemes – Types – Formula – Example

Welcome back to Mastering Bahasa! Ready for new lesson? Of course, you are. After learning that there is significant difference between Indonesian Alphabets and its phonemes, let’s move to another level. In case you forget, I’ll remind you a little. Phonemes is part of phonology, which is about speech sound/language sound, while alphabets is the […]

Learn about Consonant Phoneme in English and Indonesian

Selamat datang! As a verbal communication, language is a universal system. All languages in the world consist phonemes, morphemes, symbols (check Indonesian Alphabets), and so on. But, right now we will focus in one very specific aspect, which is about Consonant Phonemes in English and Indonesian. Consonant phonemes is called contoid, which is a speech […]

English Phonology vs Indonesian Phonology – Learn with Experts

Let’s learn about Indonesian Phonology. What is phonology? Sometimes people got confused between phonology (phonemes) and alphabets. However, to learn about phonology you should also master Indonesian Alphabets. To shorten time, the main difference of phonemes and alphabets are their form. Phonemes is set of language sounds/speech sounds, while alphabets is the symbol. On the […]