Indonesian High Context Culture – Communication – Tradition

Hi! Welcome back! Do you know that every language in the world could not be separated with their context, especially in terms of communication. They related to when, where, who as well as the culture itself. As a diverse country, of course there is general Indonesian High Context Culture and some specific one. Indonesian High […]

A-Z Javanese Swear Words – Meaning – Rules

Hi! Welcome back! What is the most interesting as well as sensitive part of learning new language? Yes, the swear words. You have learned about Indonesian Bad Words and Balinese Swear Words. Now, let’s move to another local language, which is about Javanese Swear Words! Then, you will know and understand the meaning and could […]

How to Greet People in Indonesia – Gesture and Culture

Selamat datang! When you having a conversation, you want to have a good impression right? One of the key factor is about greeting. Therefore, let’s learn the proper way of how to greet people in Indonesia! It is not as simple as Good Morning Greetings only, but also includes Sacred Communication Etiquette in Indonesia. Yes, […]

11 List of The Countries that Learn Indonesian Language

Selamat datang! As you know Indonesia is the fourth biggest country and also fourth most populated country in the world. It has also has long history as other nation and most importantly consists of heterogeneity. The complexity makes studying about Indonesia interesting as well as exciting. In fact, beside Bahasa Indonesia, there are many countries […]

Indonesian Folktales for Storytelling – Stories with Morals for Kids

Hello! When you were kid, what is your favorite bedtime story? Have you ever heard story of Malin Kundang or Batu Menangis or even another Indonesian Folktales? If you have not, this time we will explore about Indonesian Folktales for Storytelling! As you know every nation has its own culture product, including folktales. In fact, […]

Indonesian Communication Style – Examples

Hello! Indonesian is a very unique country with diverse culture. However, similar to other countries, the society has their own style, including in terms of communication. You might not just find that in Indonesian to English Grammar, but also the way people talk, their diction and many more. Therefore, we will get deeper to understand […]

10 Conversations about Indonesian Culture and Meaning

Selamat datang! Hi! When you learn about Indonesian society, you could not neglect its culture. It also influences the way of language implementation in conversation. Therefore, there are certain things, such as Sacred Communication Etiquette andIndonesian Greeting Etiquette and Manners. Those are important to understand Indonesian language as a whole, apart from the grammar or […]

Indonesian Pantun – Types – Examples

Selamat datang! Welcome back to another lesson of Bahasa Indonesia! In this opportunity, let’s move awhile from technical learning of Bahasa Indonesia, such as Indonesian Prefixes or Indonesian Phonetics Theory Examples, and explore more culture and literature-related of Bahasa Indonesia. Both in Indonesia and Malaysia, we know an ancient poetry called pantun. Unlike poetry that is […]

3 Examples of Report Text about Indonesian Culture

Indonesia is a country with a unique culture because the country itself consists of thousands of ethnic groups spread in hundreds of islands. The culture in one area could differ greatly from the culture in a nearby area. Example of Report Text about Indonesian Culture Here are some examples of report texts about culture in […]