4 Tips of Teaching Bahasa Indonesia for Foreigner

Have you ever heard the terms BIPA or Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing (Bahasa Indonesia for non-native speaker or foreigner)? Unlike for native speaker, teaching Bahasa Indonesia for Foreigner is slightly different because we deal with people that learn his/her second language and has foreign language(s) as their basis. Therefore, the teaching method should be […]

5 Types of Indonesian Reading Comprehension with Examples

Indonesian Reading Comprehension Reading is an effective way to learn a language. Through extensive reading, you can learn new vocabularies and improve your grammar. In Indonesia, the government has a specific program called ‘Indonesia Membaca’ which encourages the people to read. Reading in this context does not necessarily means to read literature or science book, […]

3 Examples of Report Text about Indonesian Culture

Indonesia is a country with a unique culture because the country itself consists of thousands of ethnic groups spread in hundreds of islands. The culture in one area could differ greatly from the culture in a nearby area. Example of Report Text about Indonesian Culture Here are some examples of report texts about culture in […]