Top 7 Indonesian Dishes Names All The Time – Learn The Vocabulary

Hi! Feel hungry yet? Want to try Indonesian food? Nice choice! Indonesia is known to have many good places and tasty dishes. As you have known, Indonesia is an archipelago that consist of many provinces and every province has its own dishes . Can you count how many Indonesian dishes then? Yes, there are lots haha […]

A-Z Indonesian Words for Rice Vocabulary

For Indonesians, rice is a staple food which they eat literary three times a day; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even most Indonesians admit that if they have not eaten rice, they have not eaten at all. This means even you have eaten a loaf of bread but not eat a plate of rice, then you […]

100+ Indonesian Words for Food and Examples

When planning to visit Indonesian, it is crucial to know the food variation in the country. Different from English menus, most Indonesian food and drinks are not English-friendly. This means that some of the menus or foods do not have English translation especially for authentic Indonesian food. Thus it is important to learn Indonesian words […]