How to Say Rude in Bahasa Indonesia – Vocabulary and Meaning

Rude language in Indonesia is often said by the man or anyone who is angry. And, this is how to say rude in Bahasa Indonesia : A Anjing! / Anjir! Same with “Damn it!” Asu Same with “Dog”. If you angry, you can say “Asu!” Notes : Anjing and Asu have same meaning, the different is Anjing […]

100 Indonesian Insult Phrases – Examples and Meaning

All words and phrases in every languages if used in wrong time and wrong place are very possible to turn out as insults. Therefore, in Bahasa Indonesia too, you should understand the  Sacred Communication Etiquette and the Manners, beside mastering the Indonesian Grammar Rules. However, we also should know and understand about Indonesian Insult Phrase, so […]