How to Say Rude in Bahasa Indonesia – Vocabulary and Meaning

Rude language in Indonesia is often said by the man or anyone who is angry. And, this is how to say rude in Bahasa Indonesia :


  • Anjing! / Anjir! Same with “Damn it!”
  • Asu Same with “Dog”. If you angry, you can say “Asu!”

Notes : Anjing and Asu have same meaning, the different is Anjing = Indonesian Language, and Asu = Island of Java Language.

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How to say rude in Bahasa Indonesia? 

  • Bangsat – Bad guy . But if you angry you can say “Bangsat!” = Wtf!
  • Brengsek – Bad guy . The meaning same with Bangsat. If you say “Brengsek!” = Wtf!
  • Bajingan-Bad guy / Bajingan! = Wtf!
  • Babi – Pig . When you are angry, you can say “Dasar Babi!” = You’re Pig!
  • Bangke – Bangkai = Carrion
  • Busuk – Rotten . You can say Busuk and Bangke in the same time. Example : “Dasar Busuk! Bangke!!” (Rotten You!)
  • Bego – Stupid – “Dasar Bego!” = “You’re stupid!”


  • Cuk – Cuk is short name for Dancuk / Jancuk. But, the different is you can use “Cuk” to call your friend, because “Cuk” is familiar call.


  • Dancuk / Jancuk – Dancuk / Jancuk = Fuck


  • Geblek / Goblok – Geblek / Goblok = Stupid


  • Kampret – Damn You!


  • Najong / Najis – Najong / Najis = Dirty


  • Tai / Tae / Taik – Tai! / Tae! / Taik! = Shit!

And much rude language in Indonesia, this seems like only a few of the large number of languages in Indonesia. My advice, don’t use rude language to anyone. Use on people who are already close to you. Because, if you used to anyone, they can hurt.

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Example Conversation :

In Bahasa Indonesia :

A : “Cuk, ayo mabar ML.”

Notes : Mabar = Main bareng. ML = Game Mobile Legend.

B : “Ayo cuk.”

A : “La kampret woy asu! Malah AFK!”

Note : AFK = Away From Keyboard

B : “Sorry bro, sinyal buluk.”

In English :

A : “Hey, come on together playing ML.”

B : “Come on.”

A : “Damn it! Fuck you! Why you are AFK?!”

B : “I’m sorry, my internet signal is red (ugly for game).”

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