What Does “Ibuku” Mean in Indonesian? Does It Mean “Ibu+ku” is “My Mother”?

Halo! Welcome back to Mastering Bahasa! Today we will talk about pronoun in Indonesian, but first, let’s have a warm-up with…POP QUIZ! The question is: What does “Ibuku” mean in Indonesian? Can you answer it? If you are still confused, that’s okay, though! Because we’re going to break it down together. Here we go! In […]

Indonesian Possessive Pronouns – Types – Formula – Example

In Bahasa Indonesia, the use of pronouns stays the same when indicating possession. Does this make Bahasa Indonesia difficult to learn? Yes, it does! People who learn Bahasa Indonesia mostly stumble in the midst of the journey when they meet different grammatical pattern like this. Even those who have mastered the language may make the […]