What Does “Ibuku” Mean in Indonesian? Does It Mean “Ibu+ku” is “My Mother”?

Halo! Welcome back to Mastering Bahasa! Today we will talk about pronoun in Indonesian, but first, let’s have a warm-up with…POP QUIZ! The question is: What does “Ibuku” mean in Indonesian? Can you answer it? If you are still confused, that’s okay, though! Because we’re going to break it down together. Here we go! In […]

The Meaning of “Bu” in Indonesia – Examples

When you’re visiting Indonesia, you’ll notice how Indonesians use often the word “Bu”. You heard them a lot especially when someone address a lady. What does “Bu” mean in Indonesia? Let’s see… The literal meaning of bu. “Bu” is short from the word “Ibu”. Ibu in popular Bahasa Indonesia means mother. You can pronounce ibu […]

The Meaning of Ibu in Indonesian – Brief Examples

Hi all, how are you doing? In today’s article, we are explaining about the meaning of the word Ibu in Indonesian. Indonesians culture is very aware of how we address someone based on their age, level of closeness, and other aspects. Meaning of Ibu in Indonesian is Mother Here are some illustrations of the use […]

Ibu Meaning in Indonesia – Definition and Example

Unlike several other countries, in Indonesia we have different ways of addressing people according to the person. Younger people, for example, have to call older people in a polite and proper way. One of the way to call older people is using “Ibu” (read as e-boo). Literally, the word “Ibu” has the same meaning as […]