What Does Indonesian English Accent Sound Like? How to Pronounce Bahasa Words

As English is now widely spoken globally, other parts of the world outside the US, UK, Australia, or Canada, try to learn and speak English. English is an Indonesian second language and most of them usually train to speak like native speakers, either American English or British English, even with their broken English. But there […]

Will Dutch-Derived Indonesian Words be Slowly Displaced by Their English-Derived/Indonesian Equivalents

Remember your History lesson, folks! Because today we are going to talk not only about Indonesian but also Dutch and English. Why bring the Dutch in? Well, Indonesia experienced a long colonial history under Dutch rule. Their long period of existence in Indonesia then affected the culture, including language. Dutch has left an extensive imprint on […]

What’s Your Favorite Indonesian Word? Learn Indonesian Vocabularies

Halo! We are back with another vocabulary topic! Let’s remember the words that we have learned, and pick one word that is your favorite one. Get any? We know that some Indonesian words are a loanword from other countries for example and the most common, Dutch. We also shared the same root with Malay and […]

What Are Some “Not Famous” Indonesian Words That Have a Good or Cool Meaning?

We’re back with vocabularies lesson! In this post, we will talk about the beauty of vocabularies in Indonesian. You probably have never heard or even used these words below, but you may want to start using it after knowing the meaning behind them. These words are pretty especially if you are into poems. Here are […]

What Does “Ibuku” Mean in Indonesian? Does It Mean “Ibu+ku” is “My Mother”?

Halo! Welcome back to Mastering Bahasa! Today we will talk about pronoun in Indonesian, but first, let’s have a warm-up with…POP QUIZ! The question is: What does “Ibuku” mean in Indonesian? Can you answer it? If you are still confused, that’s okay, though! Because we’re going to break it down together. Here we go! In […]

How Common Is It for People in Jakarta to Use Javanese Language?

Urbanization is making Jakarta, the capital city, be a multi-ethnic city with plural societies. Speaking about ethnic, the biggest majority ethnic in Indonesia is Javanese. Conducted ethnic census in 2000 suggested that around 44 percent of the population in Indonesia is Javanese. By lookin at the number, no wonder why Javanese Language is one a […]