Verbs Me-i Indonesian – Formula – Examples

We have talked about Indonesian suffixes for numbers of time and there are loads of articles about it in Masteringbahasa. Bahasa Indonesia does not only use prefix and suffix in single use but also in combination. The combination of prefix and suffix can be quite confusing because it changes not only the meaning but also […]

Me-kan Verbs Indonesian – Formula – Examples

The use of affixes in Bahasa Indonesia may be the most confusing part. The addition of affixes changes partial or entire meaning of root words. This can be quite confusing for those who do not completely understand the basic concepts. Another problem with Indonesian affixes is there are several types of prefixes, suffix, infixes, and […]

Learn Indonesian me- Prefix (Formula and Examples)

Bahasa Indonesia uses prefix, affix, and infixes to form verbs. It is used in nouns, numbers, and even verbs to create new meaning. Prefix me- is mostly used to form active verbs. Indonesian me- Prefix Formula The use of prefix me- may make minor changes to the spelling or infliction to create smooth pronunciation transition. […]