A-Z Indonesia Important Phrases That You Need to Learn

Hello there, are you ready to start learning Bahasa Indonesia this time? Well, what will we talk today is about Indonesia important phrases. Last time, we already have done to learn how to say I like you in Indonesian, how to say No in Indonesian, and even you have done learning about the general Indonesian Phrases including with the […]

Most Used Indonesian Verbs – Vocabularies – Definition – Examples

Hello, everybody are you ready to learn the next lesson of Bahasa Indonesia? So, the last week we already learn about Indonesian subject verb object, the most common Indonesian verbs also me-kan verbs Indonesian. Today, we will learn the most used Indonesian verbs that usually we used in our daily life. What are they? Below here the lists of […]

Indonesian Informal Verbs – Formula – Examples

Hello! Most languages have its own  non-formal way to communicate, both implicitly and explicitly. Therefore, you have known about Indonesian Slang in Internet Chatting. In Bahasa Indonesia, if you do not want to give stiff sense or you want to be more friendly in terms to communicate, you could use Indonesian Informal Verbs. However, please […]

Verbs Me-i Indonesian – Formula – Examples

We have talked about Indonesian suffixes for numbers of time and there are loads of articles about it in Masteringbahasa. Bahasa Indonesia does not only use prefix and suffix in single use but also in combination. The combination of prefix and suffix can be quite confusing because it changes not only the meaning but also […]

Indonesian Verb Prefixes – Formula – Examples

Learning Indonesian grammar rules is important, but it is also in another level. One most difficult topic in learning Indonesian is the prefixes. Most Indonesian words are compounded from the combination of prefix and root words. In this post we are going to explain about prefixes with verbs. Indonesian Prefix Me- Verb root words Me- […]

100 Most Common Indonesian Verbs – Grammar and Examples

Understand common vocabulary as much as you can is one key to survive in another country. Therefore, having wide lexical resources is a must in learning new language. After exploring Indonesian Nouns and Indonesian Adjectives, let’s learn again about another Indonesian Part of Speech. This time we will learn about other 100 Lists of Indonesian Common […]

Indonesian Verbs to Have – Formula – Example

The verb to have is widely used both in English and Indonesia. It is an important verb which serves as auxiliary verb and main verb. As auxiliary verb, verb to have indicates past tense or action in the past while as main verb it indicates possession. In Indonesia, the Indonesian Verbs to Have has two […]

Indonesian Auxiliary Verbs – Formula – Example

Auxiliary verbs or known more as kata bantu in Indonesia, are words that sometimes occur on its own. Sometimes, kata bantu also occurs in front of other verbs. The additional of kata bantu gives extra dimension of meaning of the verb. It explains the reaction or aspect of the action does. Also learn Indonesian conversation […]

Indonesian Verbs Conjugation – Formula – Example

Indonesian grammar is not as complex as English grammar. There is no verb changing to indicate past, present, and future. Adverb of time and certain conjugation are used to form the tenses. Different from other languages, there is no ending to attach to the verbs due to tenses change or object gender. Indonesian Verbs Conjugation […]

Learn Indonesian Verb ‘To Be’ with The Expert

Salam jumpa! Glad to see you here! If you are new here, welcome to MasteringBahasa! One of but the best site that teach travellers like you how to master Bahasa Indonesia in days for conversation purpose! Speaking of “conversation”, you probably want to check Indonesian Conversation Phrases. You can also check our article Travelling Phrases to see useful […]